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Munit Metro riders might have noticed rather muted information signs lately alerting us to some necessary Muni system upgrades. See, the overhead powerlines that get you from Ocean Beach to PacB&T Park or wherever else you go on rails, continue right into the underground. And they always have. For like 30 years. Without replacement.

The wire’s time has come. Beginning tonight, Muni underground stations between Embarcadero and Church street will be closed from 9:30(ish) on each evening, Monday through Friday. Magically, the wires will still suffice on Saturday and Sunday nights. And grap an extra hour sleep on Saturday morning because the stations open an hour later at 7am.

No, Muni won’t leave you high and dry (or cold and wet, judging by today’s weather) – bus bridges will be running to all effected areas.

The Kicker? The service interruption is projected to last for about A YEAR. Oi.

Yet there will still be post-Giants game serve from The Park Formerly Known As 8000 Different Forms Of An Unruly Telecom Co.

Do you depend on the J, K, L, M, or N Lines? Check out the Muni site for more info.

I suppose the disruption could be much worse. I’m not usually downtown that late on a weeknight – but I’m sure that infrequency guarantees I’m going to forget about the lack of normal service and be very annoyed. Of course, doesn’t take much these days and at least there will be somewhere for folks to direct their general anger. Of course, there won’t be Muni agents to yell at. So really, everyone wins.

Except Bart station agents, probably.

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  1. MattyMatt (unregistered) on January 18th, 2006 @ 12:09 pm

    what a headache this will be. it’ll really last TWO years; in 2006 they’re doing the downtown wires, and in 2007 they’re doing the wires in the suburbs. they want to replace the wires system-wide; i wonder what sort of closures we can look forward to in the future?
    please feel free to use/post the station-closure map that we made over at SFist if you think it might be useful.

  2. Sarah (unregistered) on February 27th, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

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