Why I Don’t Recycle

Because trees are dangerous!

It is a rare day indeed when I’m out about town without either my trusty camera or my trustier cell phone. Today, however, in a rush to leave the house, both were negligently left behind guaranteeing I would see something blog-worthy.

At the bus island at Geary and Masonic, I noticed a large, out of place bush next to the outbound 43 bus shelter. It took a moment to realize that rather than the sidewalk having been overtaken by an out of control shrub, the recent heavy rains so saturated the ground that a large tree had uprooted and crashed across the street, ripping up a large section of sidewalk as it went.

Simply an uprooted tree might have been interesting, but not overly blogable. What made this uprooting fun: it took out a Honda CRV on the way down, reducing the mini SUV to a mini-er, totaled vehicle. Teacher Jayne – the name on the plate frame – is going to have a really bad day.

The tree fell straight across the front seat of the car, driving the whole vehicle down over its wheels and flattening 80% of the cab of the car. Naturally curious, I approached for a closer look (not a recommended course of action for readers – approach accidents at your own risk). Yellow police tape was draped casually around the car and the tree. It didn’t seem like any owner had yet come to deal with the car, then again, what could Jayne do? Most amusing and indicative of the as-yet-unrealized impending bad day for Jayne, a small scrap of paper I recognized as the claim number for a police report tucked carefully under the windshield wiper (not that there’s a windshield anymore).

As I walked back to the bus shelter, I had the sort of slow, horrific realization that in a horror movie would be accompanied by a hushed chorus of voices saying “they’re all around you!” Yes, there’s a whole damn grove of trees at that bus stop and I compulsively looked over my shoulder while awaiting the 43, lest any of them were coming for me next.

Since I didn’t have my camera, here’s an exclusive Metroblogging redramatization of the incident:


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  1. anna (unregistered) on January 2nd, 2006 @ 1:31 pm

    On Hyde Street, around Broadway, another tree split in two and took up a very valuable parking spot. Many fearless cars were parked around the police taped-section, near the big limb.

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