Looking For Cabs In All The Wrong Places

Getting home on Saturday night is never easy. Getting home on Saturday night when Saturday night is also New Year’s is impossible. I’m amazed I’m even home to write this.

My friends and I rang in 2006 at Butter in the SOMA/edge of Mission netherworld on 11th. There was free champagne at midnight, except that no one really let us know when midnight was – so when I looked at my cell phone and saw “12,” I yelled “10!” as loud as I could and we counted down on our own. I should be fair – we had rented the upstairs room, so I’m sure there was a more official countdown downstairs – but we were flying solo. Uh, together.

Butter’s trademark is its extensive menu of processed cheese covered foods and white castle burgers. Butter gives Easy Mac new panache.

Once in 2006, we rolled out to another house party – a friend of a friend’s friend, etc – and hung out until my toes cried uncle. It was a lovely night to wait on a corner for an hour or so for a cab.

When I finally got one (after a very surely, bastard of a Luxor cab operator hung up on me for not having a 415 area-coded phone number to give him, the f*cker), it seemed a waste to leave so many others behind, so a few blocks later, when a desparate group of 4 or so party-goers looked pleadingly at our mostly vacant vehicle, I asked where they were headed. It was on-the-way-ish, so I told the cabby to let ’em in. The cabby who was “new” needed help navigating and 5 drunk strangers probably weren’t the best guides. After a few false turns, the extra crew was deposited at their Noe residence.

They’d left me with $20 for their $9 or so part of the cab ride and I only ended up kicking in another few dollars for the remainder of the fare and the tip. I made out like a bandit and those kids probably got home an hour sooner.

The lesson? Sharing cabs makes everyone a winner. It was lamer than lame to see so many cabs rush past with one or two people when a whole city was trying to get home. As I recall, in other cab-able cities, people regularly team up to get where they need to go. So what’s up, San Francisco? You should start 2007 friendlier.

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  1. ryan king (unregistered) on January 1st, 2006 @ 8:15 pm

    Amen to sharing cabs. I always feel bad when riding by myself and frustrated when I see mostly-empty cabs go by.

  2. Adrian (unregistered) on March 2nd, 2006 @ 4:43 pm

    vueciiqe qetbaupaau

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