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Swaying in the Breeze

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More than 250 palms have sprung up along Park Avenue and Almaden Boulevard. For each tree to make the journey from Palm Springs the city of San José payed more than $10,000.

To make the route for this year’s Champ Car Grand Prix easier to navigate 16 of the palms, on Park Avenue, must be relocated. The estimated cost $128,000.

Citizens of San José does it feel as though your tax money is just swaying in the breeze?

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Plague #2 Plague

A week or so ago I was at Ireland’s 32 for a Banter Cut show, and in the restroom I found the little dude up on the left. What interested me about him is that months and months ago, I found his cousin on the corner of 4th and Clement, pictured there on the right (though that one has since been cleaned up, last time I checked). Given the numbers 2 and 6, I’m inclined to believe that there are at least four other of these somewhere around the Richmond. Anyone ever spot one?

Daily Photo – City Hall in the Sun

SF City Hall

It’s another dreary day out so I thought something with a little blue would be nice. This is a shot of the Gavster’s pad I shot recently. Unlike today, it was a gorgeous morning.

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Daily Photo – Sutro Tower at Sunrise

Sutro at Sunrise

I’m back in the saddle after a short hiatus. I was on vacation in Pennsylvania so I couldn’t go on my daily walks hence no daily photos for a while. I’m back at home now and plan on doing my best to give you some new photos Monday through Friday. This photo was taken on my morning walk to work while I was on Lincoln Ave and the sun was just coming over the hill from the east. One thing about living in the Inner Sunset that I don’t like (and so far this is about the only thing I can think of) is that I miss my old friend the Sutro Tower. Yeah, you can see some of it from here but when I lived in the Haight it was how I found my way when I decided to go exploring in parts yet unknown to me. Also, some days it can just look REALLY COOL. So I miss you old friend but I’ll pop round every now and again to say hi.

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A big old “what the??”

Spontaneous combustion…??



Was it something we said, Miss Millie?

I just don’t understand. Wasn’t there a line out the door every single weekend brunch? Didn’t you have enough adulation in Noe Valley? You know how much we adored you. Was it something we said? I never heard anyone say anything bad about you, not once. You must have heard me talking about you, Miss Millie. Remember what I said? There was that one morning we were waiting in line, and my friends and I struck up a conversation with that one couple about the neighborhood and the wait we were experiencing, the weather that had just turned rainy and how I, from the midwest, and one of the shes, from New England, couldn’t possibly complain given the alternatives. And then they asked me if all this waiting was worth it, and I told them that someone must have saw the need for a restaurant where you go in, you sit down, order your food, take that first bite, and then forget that anything bad ever happened to you.

I don’t hand out compliments like that lightly, Miss Millie. That was meant for you and you alone. And I doubt that I’m the only one that ever felt that way about you. But you’ve left us. You’ve left us for Rockridge. I hope it wasn’t us, Miss Millie. And I hope everything’s alright. We’ll come visit you over in the east bay. And please don’t stop making that curried tofu scramble, that would break my heart.

Mrs Bill Clinton is in San Francisco

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As I type, Mrs Bill Clinton is in San Francisco. The event: The BASF Foundation presents
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in conversation with Jane Pauley. (The BASF being the Bar Association of San Francisco.)

I doubt Hillary is taking questions from the audience but if she were, and I was there to ask…”Mrs Clinton, how do you justify your recent critical remarks concerning the current White House and the wiretapping of suspected terrorists when you yourself were asked about your White House obtaining of FBI file information on former White House employees, in 1993 and 1994, and the invasion of their right to privacy?”

Instant Drive-Thru Service

No ParkingWell, almost I guess… Speaking of Hayes Valley: Apparently, early on Friday evening, a car being chased by the police hopped the curb and struck Caffe Delle Stelle, at the corner of Hayes & Gough. Judging by the brief blurb in this morning’s Chron, I expected the damage to be far worse. (“Car Plows Into S.F. Restaurant“) No smashed out plate glass windows or caved-in facades, just some scrapped away wood and paint on the corner of the building. I heard all the sirens last night, but in this neighborhood (especially on a Friday night), that’s not unusual. Given the time of day and busy intersection, I’m just surprised (and relieved obviously) that no one was more seriously injured. …I’ve still yet to eat here though. Anyone?

Finally, A Flight For Me

I have a confession. It’s time to come clean, dear readers. Maybe it’s because I saw Brokeback Mountain. Maybe it’s because the stores are already bursting with diabetes-inducing V-day candy. But it seems like a good day to confess a love.

I am in love . . . with luggage. Handbags. Wallets. Make-up bags. Useless travel-sized crap. Purses. Clutches. Bagettes. Bags, bags, bags, dammit.

Okay, so maybe that’s no surprise – but today I found an object for my affection in Hayes Valley. Maybe it’s been there awhile, I don’t care, I’m studying for the bar, so this city could’ve changed its name, I wouldn’t know it.


Flight 001 at 525 Hayes Street in the every growing Hayes Valley is the perfect balance of chic, kitsch, over- and reasonably priced fun for the traveler in us all. Whether your wanderlust demands you get yourself downtown or to Dubai, Flight 001 will help you get your stuff there in style.

I really dug their nice line of streamlined, functional yet attractive computer cases (more of the slim, padded sleeve variety than the briefcase kind, but you could pick up one of those too). Some were as pricey as the overrated, ubiquitous Timbuk2 line, but many were actually sensibly priced and ready to integrate with elements you probably already own.

Heading abroad? Mom calling with horror stories about stolen passports, pickpockets, and disturbing recommendations about mysterious money belts or other hidden carrying cases? Check. This store has more passport wallets and secured sleeves than you can count – all in colors and prints your mugger won’t be embarrassed to steal.

There’s also a wall of various vacuum packed travel items like neck pillows, eye masks, ear plugs, and many other objects the airline might give you for free – but why not show up jet-setted up anyway?

I believe the term Jetrosexual comes to mind – mainly due to the copies of some fabricated magazine by the same name available on the counter. But it works.

Flight 001 has already solved my gift giving conundrums for many friends for the foreseeable future since this store caters to girls – and guys – who have everything but need it in fuchsia, forest, or funkier than what they already have.

Go on, hop on board and have a nice flight.

Suicide attempt shuts down Muni tunnel

For you N-Judah regulars, take heed. Apparently a suicide attempt has caused the shutdown of a Muni tunnel around Duboce and Noe, which slowed down Muni trains to a standstill earlier today. Westbound trains are still allowed to some extent, but it seems eastbound trains still have not resumed. The situation may be resolved later this evening, but I’d expect some serious waiting.

As for the suicide attempt in question… wow. There don’t seem to be any details about it except that the woman was seen trespassing, which was construed as a suicide attempt. It could be that she was there for some other reason, but I can’t imagine why you would go on live train tracks otherwise (a dare? she dropped something?). This reminds me of a similar story awhile back where a man ran across the Caltrain tracks, got stuck, and was killed because the train couldn’t stop in time. It also reminded me of this K Chronicles comic strip by Keith Knight, which I found similarly haunting.

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