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Poor cat
Our cat has been acting really strange lately, and she erupted last night in a frenzy, biting her tummy which led to her biting a relative’s hand. Worried there could be something seriously wrong with her, we decided immediate action was in order. So we grabbed her, and headed to one of the only animal hospitals that was open at the time, the All Animals Emergency Hospital.

When we got there, we were relieved to find an incredibly helpful staff, who didn’t seem to mind at all that it was 1:30 a.m. The nurse took our information, weighed the cat, took her temperature, and called for the doctor. There were other pets there at the time too; we heard another cat yowling in another room (poor thing), and we saw a dog walk out relatively healthy. Our cat had calmed down then, and seemed stable. The doctor checked her out, and everything seemed okay except for her heart rate (it was way higher than normal). So they’re going to run a few blood tests to figure out what’s wrong. Hopefully everything will be fine.

The resulting cost of the visit, tests, etc. was hefty (over $300), but we were willing to pay almost anything for our cat. It turns out the All Animals Emergency Hospital is only open certain hours of the day, from 6 pm to 8 am generally, and works with local vets as an after-hours care unit. Overall I thought the service was efficient, the staff helpful, and the overall experience making me feel like my cat was in good hands.

So if your pet takes ill suddenly in the middle of the night, I highly recommend heading here for treatment.

All Animals Emergency Hospital
1333 Ninth Avenue @ Irving
Mon.-Fri., 6 p.m.-8 a.m. following day; Sat., noon-Mon., 8 a.m.

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