Mama Sheehan headed our way

Last summer’s CNN cover girl will join Y2K doomsayer Gary North, renegade Congressman Ron Paul, brainy economist-types and other bald men at a benefit conference in San Mateo next month. Entitled Gold, Freedom, and War, they hope to address nagging issues, such as:

  • The US dollar in crisis.
  • Is gold the only antidote?
  • The warmongering schemes for perpetual war for perpetual statism.
  • The Camp Casey revolution and the tipping point for peace.
  • Has the regime been fatally wounded?
  • The real reasons the neocons hate LRC.
  • How hurricanes and the “War on Terror” embolden the US police state.
  • The post-Greenspan Federal Reserve.
  • The red-state fascisti and our low-rent duce determined to spend us into oblivion.

Priced at 200 clams a head, it ain’t cheap, but then again, freedom never is.

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