Waiting for Godot Comcast

I’ll warn you right now, in case you haven’t figured it out from Metroblogging Kahuna Sean Bonner’s recent postings here or, even better, Courtney’s announcement, that several of us SFMBers and a handful of other Metrobloggers from other cities are heading down to Webzine this weekend. The shindig starts in an hour and a few of us are probably over there already, either as volunteers, speakers, or panelists. This means that you should expect a bunch of posts about it over the next couple-three days, so if that’s too niche for you, steel yourself now. Me, I’m gonna be late as I’m waiting at the new digs waiting for Comcast to show up and install our cable/internet. They haven’t called me yet and the window closes in an hour, so I’m not holding my breath, but hopefully they’ll prove me wrong.

Before I moved in with my roommate for the past year and some change, who’s employed by the cable company so of course we have it, I hadn’t had cable in eight years. It’s mutated since then, and now it’s enticed me back with it’s temptations of built-in DVR which I can aim at the Game Show Network, and on-demand programming that let’s me check up on things like the huge anime convention in San Diego where they talk to Man Faye who is totally sexy and cute and OMG KAWAIIIIIIIII!!!

Er… *ahem* So yeah, I can make room for cable. And the new roommate (which is to say, Our Courtney) wanted the Food Network. Right on.

But assuming the cable guy doesn’t show up in the next… well, 50 minutes now… we’re going to have to continue to mooch off the neighbors’ wifi for the next few days. (Here’s a hint, neighbors: if it’s named “linksys” we’re gonna know we can jump on it.)

Update: Running late? Here by 1:30? Aw, maaaaan…..

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  1. Jason S. (unregistered) on September 26th, 2005 @ 12:26 pm

    And then at 1:30 I had to call them to find that the guy was going to be even later. Rescheduled it for Wednesday.

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