The Guatemala comparison

All I was trying to do was hop a K, L or M from Castro to Church. I should’ve walked, but I thought, “Gosh, I’m in a hurry, MUNI will be speedy!” No, too many people trying to push onto the trains going towards downtown. And it was almost stereotypical what happened because of it, the stereotypical crowded public transit happening. All the people in line to use the dollar-to-dollar-coin machine because the guy right there in the booth wouldn’t take bills. The dollar-to-quarters machine that was busted, causing a long-ass line at the dolloar-to-dollar-coin machine. The people in the long-ass line that couldn’t figure out how to use the machine. The guy that managed to push his way onto a train, turn around to face us, and then smiled and waved at us with a “ha ha, I got on!” glint in his eye, even though the door wouldn’t shut on his toe. And then the one woman who compared our plight to catching a bus in Guatemala, where everyone is packing themselves on and fathers pass babies out the windows to mothers when trying to get out.

What I guess I’m saying is, “ditto what Nicole said” and downtown-bound MUNI’s tricky today, even for short trips. Jinkies.

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