Sidewalk pi

Sidewalk pi Found this behind the Exploratorium this weekend. To the left of this it said “DROPIN SCIENCE” and I’ve been trying to figure out if that’s a reference to Big Will Rosario’s album or a KRS One lyric and so I turned to my psychic-all-week friend Glenda on that instant messenger doodad:

Jason: Glenda!
Jason: Help me not be white for a second.
Glenda: OMG i’ve been psychic ALL . FUCKING . WEEK .
Jason: Oh shit, what.
Glenda: i was JUST thinking about you.
Glenda: totally.
Jason: Okay, check this and translate:
Jason: “Dropin’ Science”
Jason: Is this a term I might know from hiphop?
Glenda: well
Glenda: “science” is slang for street knowledge or street smarts
Glenda: but in rap terms
Glenda: it more means “rhymes”
Glenda: like, logic
Glenda: to drop science
Jason: Got it.
Glenda: because there’s the beats, and then there’s the logic

So now I’m a little more cool for knowing, but a little less cool for revealing my lack of with-it-ness to you all, so that’s about a zero-sum result. Yay, math!

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