Garbage @ SF Weekly Warfield

Last night after a 3 year hiatus, I went to a concert. Garbage‘s Bleed Like Me World Tour baby.

When we got there at 6, the line wasn’t that long. It was still kinda uncomfortable being in line and getting hassled by SF’s very own hobos who become rude to you when you when you don’t give them anything. Someday, SF will have to do something about this.

Getting through security was a breeze, and they were very nice to begin with. Just held the contents of my pockets in my left hand, and got patted down rather light. And should you end up bringing something in that is prohibited, you can check it in at the booth at the very entrance.

The show started with a punk group called ‘The Start‘ opening. They were not bad at all. I would’ve gotten some pics of them (here’s one with my friend Nichole) but somehow the rule of no cameras was suddenly applied.

Now when I called earlier I was told I could bring a camera, and use it (with flash) as long as it was a ‘pocket camera’. Camera that fits in my pocket, that is what my DSC-M1 is. After the performance of The Start (intermission) I went up to one of the ushers (a friendlier one) and asked her about the rule. I noticed those with General Admission tickets were flashing away in the crowd, with a couple of flashes from the other side of the Balcony tickets seats. I was given the go ahead, since none of the ushers weren’t actually briefed on camera usage (way to go..woohoo). If you’re never sure whether to bring one along, you can call this number: (415) 567-2060 which is the line for Disabled Seating. Someone actually answers the phone there.

Tracklist (Links open iTunes):

I might have missed one or two tracks, and there was one that seemed kinda impromptu(UPDATE: It’s called Nobody Can Win from their Why Do You Love Me single), so if you were there, leave a comment!

UPDATE: Someone wants to know my opinion on the concert. Considering I paid just about $50 for tickets, and $20 for food and drink while I was there… it was worth it having my brain fried because of the concert. So yes, I loved the concert.

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  1. Chester (unregistered) on September 12th, 2005 @ 2:53 am

    Along with the thorough pat-downs that come uncomfortably close to orifice probing, the Warfield’s camera policy has always bugged the shit out of me. I imagine it has something to do with monetizing/protecting access for pro photographers, but I’m still not quite sure why it is that one is not allowed to unobtrusively take pictures with one’s SLR and a fast lens, but is allowed to bombard the stage with flashes from their pocket camera despite being separated from the stage by a distance approximately three times as far as the maximum effective distance of their camera’s flash.

  2. jae geter (unregistered) on September 15th, 2005 @ 3:17 pm

    the concert absolutely rocked. as far as the songs go..the second to last song wasnt “milk”, it was “#1 crush”. and the impromptu song, which they said was sing live for the first time that night was “nobody can win.” a b-side from their “why do you love me” single. ta ta jae geter

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