Q: If you were a curry, what curry would you be?…A: A tasty one. With beer.

Some people know their sandwiches, others know their burritos. Others still can detect the aroma their favourite pizza cooking at a distance of five blocks. I myself am quite partial to an Good Curry.

By a Good Curry I actually mean an Indian curry as made back home in England. During my nine months in the USA I’ve been somewhat disappointed by the narrow choice offered in Indian restaurants and surprised more than once by the unexpected flavours in what I’ve ordered. It is of course simply a case of what you’re used to, and as I understand it, English curries are far removed from anything found in, say, India. Here in the States there seems to be a greater balance of cuisines, whereas back home, Indian food reigns supreme. The reason? The pubs kick everyone out at 11:30pm which is exactly where the Indian restaurants find their niche market.

However, things are looking up. Having recently spent time in Inner Sunset, I must make a recommendation for ‘the closest yet to those dishes I miss back home’.


Walk down 9th between Judah & Irving to Tasty Curry and hand over a fistful of dollars in exchange for a chicken tikka masala. While you’re at it ask them to throw in a sweet naan. You could of course start eating at this point, but I suggest you walk back out onto the street and along Irving where for a few dollars more you can purchase the rest of your meal (rice, plain naan and spicy popadums) at Naan & Curry. Nice.

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  1. Sahara (unregistered) on September 5th, 2005 @ 1:11 am

    I heartily agree. As you say English curry is NOT what you might find in a street stall in Mumbai but it has its place (mostly in my stomach).

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