Resident Tourist

One of the many reasons I love San Francisco is that even though I’ve only lived here about five years, I feel as if it would take me another twenty to fully explore it. I’ve lived in three different neighbordhoods and had five different jobs. I’ve had many reasons to explore many places…except for North Beach. My cousin had a birthday party once in the loft at Molinari’s Deli…and I’ve ridden my scooter up to Coit Tower in the middle of the night. I think the real reasons I have yet to discover it are 1) Parking and 2) Tourists. I try to stay away from such touristy areas like The Wharf, Chinatown, and of course, North Beach. There’s nothing wrong with tourists, I deal with them a LOT at my jobs…but I’d wish they’d use mass transit instead of renting cars. Seriously. I can’t stand bad lost drivers. There’s also just something, I dunno, cheap about really touristy areas: the souvenir shops and overpriced restaruants, merchants with a cause.

But now that I’m attending the San Francisco Art Institute starting next week, I am eager to get the low down on the area. I walked around a little today trying to find parking if I decide to drive (I live on the other side of town), side streets if I scoot. Caf

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