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Q: If you were a curry, what curry would you be?…A: A tasty one. With beer.

Some people know their sandwiches, others know their burritos. Others still can detect the aroma their favourite pizza cooking at a distance of five blocks. I myself am quite partial to an Good Curry.

By a Good Curry I actually mean an Indian curry as made back home in England. During my nine months in the USA I’ve been somewhat disappointed by the narrow choice offered in Indian restaurants and surprised more than once by the unexpected flavours in what I’ve ordered. It is of course simply a case of what you’re used to, and as I understand it, English curries are far removed from anything found in, say, India. Here in the States there seems to be a greater balance of cuisines, whereas back home, Indian food reigns supreme. The reason? The pubs kick everyone out at 11:30pm which is exactly where the Indian restaurants find their niche market.

However, things are looking up. Having recently spent time in Inner Sunset, I must make a recommendation for ‘the closest yet to those dishes I miss back home’.


Walk down 9th between Judah & Irving to Tasty Curry and hand over a fistful of dollars in exchange for a chicken tikka masala. While you’re at it ask them to throw in a sweet naan. You could of course start eating at this point, but I suggest you walk back out onto the street and along Irving where for a few dollars more you can purchase the rest of your meal (rice, plain naan and spicy popadums) at Naan & Curry. Nice.

Small Consolation

It’s probably of little consolation to residents in storm ravaged New Orleans that the devestation could’ve been much worse, but for a bit of Midwestern dry air that weakened the storm before it slammed into the Gulf coast.

For up-to-the-minute reports and commentary, as well as really heart-wrenching observations and worry, remember to visit our sister site Metroblogging New Orleans. While we would rather not link to them under such circumstance, the authors over there are really rising to the task of capturing the event and making sure it remains personal, rather than simply information relayed by a talking network head.

Our prayers continue to be with them, their families, friends, and community.

Do We Really Need…?

Another Home Depot is under construction in Daly City right now, adding to the two other locations on this side of the bay, and only about a mile away from the other two. My concern is for the local hardware store owners. Will people stay true to the local guys or venture south to the big HD? Anyone that has ever been to the Colma location knows that it is a nightmare, so many people that the only time to go is really late before it closes.

“20 to 40% business loss

….when Home Depot (and its big box cousins) strangles a community like this, hardware and home improvement retailers go out of business in record numbers. Those that do survive typically lose 20 to 40% of their business.” from Cole Hardware

Things I’d Have Paid Good Money To See

And Imissed it by only about an hour, too:

The ostrich, a female, got loose around 4:45 p.m. from the rear of the northbound van, which was heading for a Healdsburg vegetable farm, said California Highway Patrol sergeant Wayne Ziese. A sudden acceleration of the van caused the bird to smash through the rear window and land on the bridge pavement, just north of the [Golden Gate] toll plaza.

“It should never have happened,” said the driver of the van, Ronald Love. “The ostrich’s butt broke the window. You never would think an ostrich could fit through a little window, but she did.”

I dunno – they look like pretty bendy birds to me . . . .

I don’t know what that big glowing ball is, but I think I like it

Out in the Sunset, it’s been about a month since we saw the sun with any regularity. Knowing full well that this happens each and every July and August is of no matter: this year, whichever year it be, is always the worst, foggiest, coldest summer EVER.

But yesterday, I woke to something nearly forgotten – sunlight streaming through my window. And today, not only was the sun shining again, but when I went outside at 8 am, there was the undeniable scent of heat in the air. Yes, kids, I think it’s safe to say – Summer II has arrived.

And none too soon. As has been pointed out already today, with rising gas prices and an upcoming holiday weekend (something that would have driven up the price even without Katrina), we’re probably going to luck out and be able to enjoy a holiday weekend without ever leaving home. In fact, I spent yesterday afternoon acquiring a base sunburn to get me through Labor Day while running along Crissy Field, watching the kite boarders risk life and limb skimming the waves under the Golden Gate Bridge.

So – where do we go when it gets hot? This city has no air conditioning – and I’ve yet to see any ads for Labor Day Weekend movie openings that don’t make me laugh (ironically), so the theaters are probably out – but lots of outdoor space. What’s your favorite beach? Ice cream? Brewery? Activity?

Time to rent a kayak, learn to sail, or just spare the air and enjoy the sunshine, sans car, right here in our own, rain free, finally sunny city. Because soon it will be the coldest, foggiest, most miserable October, EVER, once again.

More Katrina Issues….

Because of this category 5 hurricane smashing through the oil-rich fields of the Gulf Coast

Bay Bombers

One good thing about getting older is remembering when. I remember when I saw the Rolling Stones preform at the San Jose Civic Auditorium back in the 60’s. At the Civic I could actually see the stage and the Stones without binoculars.

Now something from the good old days is back ROLLER DERBY !!! at the Civic Auditorium.

Roller Derby got it’s beginning, in the USA, in 1935.Image Hosted by

Back in the 60’s my dad and I watched the (San Francisco) Bay Bombers on TV. We saw Charlie O’Connel and Joanie Weston (the Blond Bomber), the team captains, and Ann Calvello (Demon of the Derby) pummel each other on the banked track.

Roller derby seemed to disappear for some time from TV and my thoughts. Then the other day while driving on Almaden Blvd. in San Jose, I saw a homemade sign of a Derby skater and in the window a sign advertising that nights game.

Image Hosted by

I was not able to catch the game last night because unfortunately I had to work.

Today as I was driving my taxi customers, I asked if they had ever heard of Weston and Calvello. Not only had heard of the skaters, but they told me their memories of the glory days of Roller Derby.

The San Jose Civic Auditorium tickets

Check out Roller Derby’s Bay Bombers on

And Wayne has a blog dedicated to Roller Derby action.

Be safe guys!

Our Metroblogging brothers and sisters in New Orleans are in for a rough time and some are heading for higher ground. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you.

World-Class Suckage in San Francisco II

It’s no secret that I do a lot of traveling. Mostly to Europe. One thing which has always impressed me by the great cities of Europe is the sophisticated understatement in which cities (figuratively) drape themselves. Unless there’s an Olympic games at stake there’s very little trumpeting and boasting; there’s just no need.

Trumpeting how “world-class” you are is akin to wearing a tee-shirt that says “I’m great in bed”; if you weren’t compensating for something you wouldn’t be needing such a thing.

Where’s this rant going? Well, I’ve heard KFOG radio describe themselves as world-class just once too many (while at a friend’s house, this evening). In the old days, when Boston was having similar problems, I gave up on commercial radio because – despite protestations to the contrary or the rare A-Z through the catalog – a very small number of songs are recycled ad nauseam. We in the real world call it “payola radio”. (Boston’s eclectic radio stations have one by one been bought out and now all play the same oldies format as you can “enjoy” in every major market.)

At home I can enjoy radio streaming across the Internet, or my collection of songs ripped from library CDs, but it would be really nice to have a radio station that knew about Dropkick Murphys or Manu Chao.

KFOG, you’re not that good in bed.

Even more fun with Muni

Stupid people suck
I took a walk down to Ocean Beach this morning with all the intentions in the world of a leisurely N Judah ride home and maybe stop by one of the many restaurants on 9th for some lunch but it was to all go horribly wrong. It started with a 45 minute wait for a train because according to someone else who was waiting with me, a person had sat down on the tracks on 9th and refused to move until the police arrived to do it for them. So we have inconsiderate asshole number one. Inconsiderate asshole number two arrived with the train to Ocean Beach in such an odd fashion that none of us waiting could even say anything at all. We were totally speechless. A homeless person was riding the train by sitting down, legs outstretched across the coupling between the two cars. As it pulled into the stop we all just watched in wonder. I was trying to get my phone camera out to take a photo when the train started moving again. The guy who I will refer to as simply “The Asshole”, didn’t get up but just sat there much to my own personal dismay. Ya see, for those of you who haven’t been to the Ocean Beach stop on the N terminates with a rather sharp turnaround for the trains. And when the trains turn the cars get REALLY close. Too close to enjoy the ride you might say. So when the train took off and the guy didn’t get up I figured he was going to get the picture really fast and jump or have a bad bad bad day. I was angled so that I couldn’t see his feet anymore once the turn started so I assumed that when the cars straightened out and he was gone that he had the good sense to jump off. That was until the last car passed a crumpled up body on the ground in the fetal position. A group of people on the other side of the train who had seen it happen were running over to help him in a panic. The Asshole obviously hadn’t jumped. He was basically shat out of the cars as they squeezed together crushing some good bits in the process I imagine. People ran up to the driver of the car and told him what happened and thus the trains stopped running and out came the emergency crews. He was still alive when they put him into the meat wagon and there weren’t too many signs of trauma except for a grimace of pain I’ve never seen on a human and some moderate blood from a head wound. But you could tell he was going to have a very bad day. Which is pretty fair in the grand karmic scale of things from the hold up he caused out of his own sheer stupidity. So if you were wondering why you had to wait an hour and a half for the train today this was the reason. And for those of you who could just kill the stupid people who hold things up, you can rest easy tonight knowing the universe takes care of business every now and again.

I did stick around for 45 minutes to let the police know what I had seen and I just got off the phone making an official statement on the incident so my civic duty for the day is a wrap.

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