Pot, Meet Kettle

You may have heard that a San Francisco non-profit medical marijuana dispensary, The Green Cross, is under attack by local NIMBYs. The shop’s opponents recruited Supervisor Bevan Dufty to assist them in using the law to run another business out of the neigborhood. The nimbies won the first round. The shop had it’s building permit revoked last month. They are still open – for now – while the appeal is in process.

Are you ready for an irony sandwich? Check this out; one of the most vocal of the NIMBY lot is the Cross’ next door neighbor, a bar called Liberties. Ha! The bartender I spoke to there said she personally supports medical mary jane, but that they have schools nearby, so “this isn’t the right neighborhood for it.”

Right, so it’s a perfect neighborhood for football fans to get smashed, but a terrible place for patients to get prescription drugs? As John Stossell would say, give me a break!

Meanwhile, another dispensary in SOMA is trying to placate the busybodies in his neighborhood.

‘Tis a sad day for liberty when we are able to use the force of law to drive other people out, simply because we don’t want ‘their kind’ hanging around.

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