Man cannot live by espresso alone…

The time has come, the urbanite said, to speak of many things. Of time away from cities, of sleeping bags and things…

Ranger Mickey in dust storm, Black Rock City, 2002

Burning Man 2005 is not far off; just at the other end of summer. And the event doesn’t build itself, it requires participation. To that end I’m leaving our beloved city – gasp – for the annual required dose of synchronization with a rapidly-evolving event. Usually I attend a Black Rock Ranger orientation meeting the SF headquarters (near the ballpark), but this year I get to see the playa in a pristine, post-winter weather state. I’m excited. The camaraderie and esprit de corps of long-time Rangers on a two-night sleepover can’t be beat either.

When I return I’ll have photos, as usual, and urban thoughts.

And you? If you’re unfamiliar with the event, there’s always the official site, the ePlaya community, and lots of photos around the ‘net.

Playa dust – both a food group and a condiment! See you on Monday!

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