‘Fister Fucked out of Fare

I just saw this open letter to MUNI posted at a competing local group blog. Nobody begs for privatization like MUNI. Only union thugs and bureaucrats would tolerate and even defend workers who just plain don’t show up for work, or ask their customers “Is your hand broken, bitch?”

Speaking of poorly run public services, last week I spent a couple of hours waiting around at the DMV. It’s a horribly inefficient mess there, but at least they allow you to take a number and then bugger off for a while. Getting a parking permit at the SF DPT, on the other hand, is a living hell. Stop in there any day of the week, and you will find a line of miserable people snaked throughout a small, stuffy room. Having done it before, I estimated the wait time at 3+ hours. All this, and money, is required for the privilege of parking in front of my own goddamn house. I just could not bring myself to do it. If you’re as allergic to queues as I am, you have two choices; arrive at 8 am sharp, or mail in your app, and move your car every 2 hours for the next 3 weeks.

I recall a year or so ago that God told Newsom the city needs municipal wireless Internet. Yeah, that would be swell. I’d love to trade in my choice of reliable Internet providers for service levels only government agencies can provide… We need another municipal service like we need another hole in the head.

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