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Today is the last day to vote your faves in what another city’s liberal freebie rag calls “The Best of Our Advertisers” awards. The Guardian is my first choice in Bay Area periodicals when you need good solid pulp for wrapping fish or training puppies.

Could it be that Bikers are not required to pay bridge tolls? Though it would be by technical oversight, rather than by design, I like this idea a whole lot more than car pool lanes.

Brainwash, the only laundromat I’ve been to that did not make me want to slit my wrists, has finally seen the light and now offers free wifi access. Remind me to tell you sometime about how I gave someone the shirt off my back there.

Did you know there is still a first-run movie theatre in SF that has NOT been chopped into tiny subsections? It’s true! The UA Metro on Union Street still has a single large screen. Methinks this is merely an oversight by UA management. Go check it out before they notice!

Lastly, in the old-news-I-forgot-to-post department, the Examiner reported last week that the idea of bussing kids to different schools all over town is being reconsidered. Putting aside for a moment, that in our current tax structure, it is effectively the childless who pay for the schools, does it seem reasonable that civil servants or even voters are allowed to mandate social experiments with the kids? It seems like a reasonable expectation as a parent that your kid would go to school in your own neigborhood. Maybe I’m just an old fuddy-duddy.

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