Get Scrappy

scraphouse.jpggherkin.jpgI just flew back to San Francisco from London…and boy are my arms tired!

Seriously, though, folks, I’d just like to take a moment to pose an architectural challenge: London’s Gherkin (aka 30 St. Mary Axe) v. San Francisco’s ScrapHouse

Both were built to be green. The Gherkin features a facade that “is cooled by extracted air from the offices [most of which are empty and may remain so until the architects sort out a recent glass-poppage issue], thus reducing the overall heat load.” But ScrapHouse may have the environmental upper hand over London’s (let’s face it) giant dildo: It’s built entirely from salvaged materials, and when it reaches the end of its short lifespan, “everything from the foundation to the front door will be reclaimed and re-used.”

And, while the Gherkin took more than five years to build, ScrapHouse was built in two weeks. The last two weeks of May, specifically. By June 6th, ScrapHouse will be dismantled and recycled, so if you want to see it before it’s gone, you’d better do so this weekend.

ScrapHouse is located on Civic Center Plaza at the corner of Grove and Polk, immediately across the street from San Francisco City Hall.

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