San Francisco’s Trees: Not Just for Poop Anymore!

FUF.jpgOn my way to work today, a wee sign nailed* to a tree on my block caught my eye. 45 miles later, I miraculously remembered to look up the organization displayed on the sign: Friends of the Urban Forest. According to its mission statement, FUF seeks “To promote a larger, healthier urban forest as part of the urban ecosystem, through community planting, maintenance, education and advocacy.” Which is cool.

Even cooler, California celebrates Arbor Day the second week in March (Check out this interactive map, since different states celebrate at different times.), and that means tree-planting o’plenty.

FUF’s next big event is an Arbor Day tree planting in the Bayview, but they need volunteers all the time. If I can get up off my lazy, selfish ass for the few hours it would take to plant or prune some trees, I’m gonna try and do it one of these days. Dammit.

*Okay, obviously Friends of the Urban Forest knows a lot more about trees than I do, but the nailed-on sign initially struck me as rather unFriendly.

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  1. Steve (unregistered) on February 17th, 2005 @ 2:44 pm

    i’ve been involved w/ FUF tree plantings here in polk gulch. they’re a lot of fun–get your hands dirty for a couple hours on a saturday morning, eat pizza, go home and feel good about yourself.

    and FUF is a vital organization since the city has forfeited most responsibility for sidewalk trees.

  2. madkisson (unregistered) on February 19th, 2005 @ 8:51 am

    Fear not Bronwyn… trees have no central nervous system, nor any other system for pain recognition. The nail only passed through a few millimeters of live cells and then pierced mostly dead wood. The live cells grow around the intrusive object quickly and all is well…

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