What’s all the Buzz about?

I’m a busy person. I’m so busy that I’m one of the only people I know who believes that a 40 hour work week is actually a vacation. And, being so busy, I’ve come to resent those things that cut into my time, like say, traffic, telemarketers
and eating.

Yes, it’s true. I hate eating. To qualify this I would like to add that I do, in fact, love dining. There’s no better way to relax than to have a great dinner with friends. But then again, I love any activity that combines two things together, beautifully melding a necessary function with a social activity.

To get back to the point, I often resent lunch for this very reason. Lunch is too short, and there’s too little eating for it to really be a very social event. Lunch really only exists to put food in your body, and this could be done effectively with a power bar. Some people argue that lunch also gives you a much-needed break from your hectic day. I maintain that it creates a lost momentum, causing you to lose time and decreasing your effectiveness by necessitating both the temporary completion as well as the re-initiation of projects put on hiatus as you prepare to take said lunch. If it weren’t for those pesky labor laws, most days I would prefer to take a fifteen-minute break to grab some food and get on with my work.

All this would be different, however, if I worked anywhere near Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland. In addition to having a great selection of coffee and tea type drinks (all available with soy milk, of course) as well as a small but satisfying menu of sandwiches and entrees (many of which are vegetarian and vegan friendly) this place has spirit. Yes, I said spirit.

Maybe you think this seems strange, that I, Resenter of Lunch and Bolter of Food, would require there to be some intangible ‘spirit’ in my place of eating, but frankly, one of the reasons I hurry through so much of my day is because of the lack of uniqueness in so many places. Not so at Mama Buzz. Here, it’s all about the art. They’re located on 2812 Telegraph, and this section of Oakland, with its huge live-work warehouses, is a haven for artists. This is no mass produced chain, intended to fuel the caffeine addictions of corporate world.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that Mama Buzz satisfies my need to do two things at once by having an awesome gallery attached to the cafe. Fine artists, zinesters, outsiders and students all seem to have a place in this gallery, and I’ve seen amazing work of all varieties showcased here. Also, nestled in a corner of their back patio, is a trade table. Bring in something you don’t want anymore, leave it on the table, and take something you do want. Yet another way that Mama Buzz supports the local and art community.

And if all of this were not enough, I’ve just been informed that earlier this week they acquired their beer and wine license, and are planning on extending their hours (currently they usually close at 7). So, c’mon. Let’s take a deep breath, agree that the work will wait (it will be there when we get back, I promise!), and go take a break at Mama Buzz.

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  1. Mike Hoffman (unregistered) on October 7th, 2004 @ 12:26 pm

    I’m with you on the eating vs. dining issue. If only you had the ability to find a job in New Orleans, where the pace is European and the food is truly stellar. Not that I’m directly endorsing New Orleans as a great place to live… see the New Orleans MetBlog (neworleans.metblogs.com)

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