Reasons to Venture out of SF

When i lived in the eastbay, I’d react with either forlorn despair or scorn for my SF friends who never ventured over the bridge. Boo. Lazy. For Shame. Selfish. Blah blah blah.
Sadly now that I’ve migrated into the city, I’ve become just such a brat.
Here’s a couple things about Oakland that I’m still fond of.
#1. Le Cheval (No current website)
Hot damn this is good vietnamese food. And not just the Pho thing that peeps are familiar with.
We’re talking amazing watercress salads, 7 course beef dishes, claypot catfish soup, firepot soup
(On!FIRE! AT! YOUR! TABLE!) and a very well stocked bar with a variety of scotches.
My friends and I occasionally joke that the hostesses there don’t wear underwear. No pantylines. I swear I’m not making this up.
1007 Clay St
Oakland, California 94607-4025
United States
Tel: (510) 763-8957
• Mon.-Sat. 11AM-9:30PM; Sunday 5-9:30PM
From A longtime favorite among the city’s many Vietnamese restaurants, Le Cheval is known for big parties and family-style dining. This is a good place to try pho, Hanoi-style beef noodle soup fragrant with star anise. Other entr�es include lemon chicken, cubed beef steak, clay-pot snapper, and shark in coconut milk. It’s hard to spend more than $20 for an entire meal unless you order the special crab (at about $30). At midday, everyone seems to be downing bowls of noodles topped with marinated grilled meats and chili-laced fish sauce.
#2. Oakland Mile High Club
The Mile High Club is a live music venue and nightclub, located in beautiful Oakland, California, near Macarthur BART station, just 10 minutes from downtown San Francisco. The space is 2800 square feet and also features a large covered outdoor patio. Food and spirits are served daily, Tuesday through Saturday (unless otherwise noted). Please check our Calendar and Features Page for entertainment details and updates.
From the SF Guardian
New schools
After a much-ballyhooed reopening and then a quiet closing, legendary blues joint Eli’s Mile High Club was dormant once more at the beginning of the year. It took Lisa Nola, an intrepid young woman with no experience in running a club, to reopen the venue June 29 with a speakeasy-cabaret night of variety acts, burlesque, and music. Meanwhile, Nola, who had been working as a teacher in the East Bay, “teaching literature to middle school kittens,” is busy running and booking the venue with some help from building co-owner Mike McDonald. She had always been a music fan, and occasionally took photos of bands, and she always wanted to get more deeply involved, so when she heard from her roommate Scott of the Lovemakers that a venue was for sale, she looked into it, shocked that it was the roadhouse she’d been passing by for years.
“It looked sort of small and plain from the outside, so I was a little bit unsure about its potential,” she writes in an e-mail. “Mike arranged for many of us to go have drinks at the club one night. I walked in and I was blown away…. I truly believe it is one of the most beautiful spaces in the Bay Area.”
Two events at the Mile High club this weekend which I’ll be doing my best to rally for.
Heavenly States
Fast Pass
9pm   $7
Replicator Tour Kickoff & Lisa Dragonlady’s Birthday Party
9pm   $7

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