Unusually Quiet

Has anyone else noticed it’s rather quiet in SF this week?
Like you can actually find parking?
I presume it’s the exodus to black rock city.
With the weather so damn nice out, I’ve taken to hanging out at my favorite beer garden.
199 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 255-7505
Zeitgeist /’tsartgarst/ n.
1. the spirit of the times. 2. the trend of thought and feeling in a period. 3. warm beers and cold women. 4. clean rooms cheap. 5. hangovers installed and serviced.
[G f. Zeit time + Geist spirit
Crazy Cyclers bar!
With Barbque and a variety of beers avail in pitchers!
And goofy murals!
And random boys who introduce themselves as
“Matthew…as in the first book of the New Testament… it’s like really cool, you should check it out sometime”
Most lovely about it is the share and squish outdoor picnic table seating.
I’ve been told it’s not uncommon to German beer gardens in the summertime.
Considering I ran into or was introduced to about 8 different german speakers/drinkers last time I was there, I’m not surprised at all.
If you see a random girl there trying to rally other women to scream out “PUSSY!”
Then please do introduce yourself.
That’d be me.

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