Rockers in the House

I wonder if it’s a true sign that you’re a San Franciscan when houseguests start appearing underfoot.
Yes, indeed it’s true.
When I first moved to the bay area a few years back, my place was immediately turned into the crash pad for countless guests including but not limited to sorority sisters, internet buddies, family members, highschool friends, and college biblestudy mates. This was a great thing as it assuaged my imediate sense of home-sickness and lonliness by having those that I loved physically near to me. Within hug’s reach and occasionally underfoot but in a good way. It also forced me to explore the area wildly, recklessly, and aggressively as I put together lists of things to do both touristy and not.
In the 6 weeks that I’ve taken up residence in SF proper, my home has already been host to Comic artists, the little brother of my roommate/politician and three very talented musicians (Annie Lin, Kris Racer, and Henna Chou) who found themselves at my doorstep at near midnight because other housing plans fell through. I have another friend visiting and crashing here this weekend who is planning on moving out here in the next few weeks. That equals on average 1 houseguest per week I’ve lived in SF. Wow.
Fascinating and lovely conversations kept me up til nearly 4 Am. That and late night noshing of noodles.
Late Night Grub recipe for a Warm Evening
* Wide Rice noodles: Cooked thoroughly and then rinsed with cold water and drained
* Dipping Sauce made to taste from
Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil
White Vinegar
* Furukaki
Ladle a pool of diping sauce into a bowl
Curl a small handful of the cold noodles (drained well) into the bowl on top
Sprinkle with Furukaki of your choice (I always have several bottles on hand including two vegetarian versions w/o dried fish flakes in them)
If you’re interested in seeing a few of my houseguests perform this week, please plan for it. It’ll be AWESOME. I had the opportunity to see Annie perform twice this year. Once at SXSW in Austin during FrayCafe and once for Locus Arts
SAT AUG 21 – San Francisco, CA
Club Lamia
3910 Geary Boulevard
(415) 876-4080
Email for reservations
9 pm
Annie Lin performing as duo w/ cellist Henna Chou
w/ Goh Nakamura, Kris Racer
SUN AUG 22 – Palo Alto, CA
Art 21
539 Alma St.
(650) 566-1381
7 pm
Annie Lin performing as duo w/ cellist Henna Chou
Purchase advance tickets at

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  1. The Committee (unregistered) on August 19th, 2004 @ 10:58 am

    I appreciate that you told us you were going to pimp your friend’s acts in advance. That’s great. I even dig the noodle recipe. It sounds tasty.
    However, while I do appreciate how nice it is to have houseguests occasionally, it’s not something that most of the readers care about. Tell them about the events. Let them know it’s a pal of yours. But please, PLEASE tell us a little about the actual event.
    We know that Annie is a talented musician. We know that she is playing this weekend in the city. We can infer that she likes noodles. But we don’t have the foggiest what kind of music she actually plays!

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