Snapshot – Yes, a diary-like post re; living in the city.

San Francisco, or at least my corner of it, has a peculiar kind of conceit and navel gazing when it comes to audio control. Folks are OCD re: what they want to hear, when they want to hear it, and at what volume, fidelity, and through a particular platform/device. Drive up Fillmore or downtown and you encounter it when folks blast bass out of stereos that are worth more than the value of the hoopty itself. Yuppies debate the superiority of Jelly Jamz over Iskins for their Ipods. And the average commuter knows exactly when to tune in to NPR for All Things Considered and Fresh Air to start out their day.
To a degree it’s a sort of fascism. I haven’t listened to the radio for music in several years now, choosing to opt-out of ClearChannel broadcasts and supplement with either home burned mixes or CD’s purchased from local indie bands.
My galpal here at work borrowed my car the other night and flipped on 105.3.
Consider me shocked. The last time I tuned in they were a HipHop and Rave culture station a few years back. Now it’s all “alternative rock” with a Sunday night show that goes over Local Music Spotlight at 9:00 PM.
Am I the last idiot on the planet to know about this? Hmm Perhaps so. In which case the “Committee” of troll dipshits will likely flame again on this post.
Regardless, not one, but TWO of the bands that my exboyfriend is in were discussed at length while on the show.
It made me consider this running joke in Austin, TX
Q: “What do you call a musician without a girlfriend?”
A: “Homeless”
To wit, in SF:
Q: “What do you call a musician without a gig at Bottom of the Hill?”
A: “A web developer.”
My favorite local music venues: Bottom of the Hill, Cafe Du Nord, and over in East Bay – Eli’s Mile High Club. Also Thee Parkside, Slims, and the back in business Hotel Utah
And your favorite haunts?
Maybe you could even Dodgeball me.

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  1. (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2004 @ 9:27 am

    Live 105 has been alternative since the 80s (circa Steve Masters and rock over London). I think there may have been a hip hop station in that near vicintiy, but it wasn’t Live 105.

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