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‘Find some founders’ in SF this week

This post on BlogHer about dating in L.A. contrasts northern and southern California men:

“You know what you need?” she asked. “You need a founder. A smart guy in tech, a real guy who cares about that stuff in your head. You need a founder. I’m going to get you one. Girls like us, we know too much for Hollywood to get us. We’ll go find some founders…”

Welp, Oracle’s in town again, and the city’s crawling with tech geeks. Now’s your chance.

Hey, is this thing on?

San Francisco coder Alex Payne‘s gets a plug in the New York Times tomorrow; the piece went online an hour ago. Payne’s site answers that nagging question “Is there something wrong with (insert favorite website) again?”

In a blog entry in which he discusses that and other side projects, he calls the site “a quick hack” for which “I don’t have the time or resources or desire to build the ideal solution. I hope that some big ISP or networking outfit takes the simple design and puts it in front of a proper setup.”

If that concept sounds familiar, not surprisingly Payne works at Twitter.

City Hall hosting software startups?

Something strange in this map of software startups, published today in Valleywag:


The map, by a site called StartupWarrior, purports to show “76 startups on either side of the 101 [sic!] between McAllister and Grove streets in San Francisco.” The only problem? Those blocks are occupied by City Hall, the Opera House, and the War Memorial Building.

I don’t think so!

Geeks Gather

Hans Reiser & other stars of the Open Source movementWatch out at the corner of Market & Montgomery this week as software geeks with links to Linux may wanna lure you into a shifty Ubuntu User Group and other types of “free” love, with service contracts.

These traveling “Technology Strategists” ( i.e pasty & oft hefty men with telltale pony tails and glasses) will be circling the entrances and lobby of the Palace Hotel looking for blood this week as part of the Open Source Business Conference. Everyone from Googlers, to those folks at Kaplan who make those SAT prep classes to Microsoft’s minions will be vying for leads & likely sitting through numerous style imitation Power Point presentations…

expect a few jokes , like these to be going around:

% sh
$ PATH=pretending! /usr/ucb/which sense
no sense in pretending!

$ mkdir matter; cat >matter
matter: cannot create


Anyhow hear part of the software spiel via podcast or check out the Conference Website

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