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The (near) future cost of living?

Here is the current state of affairs in SF.

Gas = $4.41 / gallon

Parking ticket = $50 (minimum fine, sfgate story)

“Raising parking fines will lead to more abuse on the streets,” said Luis Estrella, a San Francisco parking-control officer for the past eight years who said he was punched last year by a firefighter who got a $50 ticket.

Downtown meter violations, for example, will be fined up to $60, and parking in a street-cleaning zone will set drivers back $50. The city now makes about $90 million a year from parking fines. The increase would bring in an estimated $13 million more in the new fiscal year.

COLA Formula revealed!

SF Bike Coalition – Survey

Sorry to be so late in getting this out, but the SF Bike Coalition is conducting a survey to inform their 2nd annual report card on Bicycling in SF. If you have a moment go take the survey, I just did and it only took five minutes.

We will be publishing a second Report Card on Bicycling in San Francisco and we’re eager to learn about your experiences and opinions on bicycling in San Francisco.

We appreciate your time in answering these questions and thank you for your participation. All of your responses are confidential. Please check our website on Bike to Work Day (May 15) to see the results.

Unfortunately, they are wrapping it up very soon, e.g. possibly hours from now, so if you have an opinion, go express it NOW: SURVEY

My Cup of Joe

Peets @Embarcadero Station

As I exited the Embarcadero BART/Muni station, contemplating my public transportation frustrations, I noticed the spectacle pictured above.

At first glance, I thought nothing of it. I remembered the construction walls were up for the better part of the year. Once I realized the change in scenery, I hopped down the escalator (I was going up) to snap a a picture.

I don’t know what compelled me. Maybe it was the thought of looking forward to a nice Cup of Joe after expelling myself from one of my most frustrating morning rituals: dealing with the N-Judah on a daily basis. (I mean, come on! How many people can you fit in one train during rush hour?)

It seemed like the light at the end of a very long tunnel. And then I thought of how much better life would be if Muni would invest just as much into running their trains on time, or having an adequate amount of trains during rush hour. Of course, being from the South (as in Southern California), I really can’t complain about public transportation. Muni is by far the best in comparison.

Still, I really do despise the N-Judah with every fiber of my being. But, the bright side is that after waiting up to 20 minutes* for a 30 minute* ride in a sardine-packed streetcar, I’ll get to wait in what I expect to be a very long line of aggrevated train riding coffee drinkers. Oh joy! [/Sarcasm]

The real bright side is that this might mean the lines will probably lessen a bit aboveground!

Check out the San Francisco Business Times article if you’re not hip to the BART/Peets news.


BEHOLD THE SUPERCORRIDOR!!! Ever travelled the 5 between LA and SD and marveled at the open spaces, uh, I mean Camp Pendleton? The Sacramento Business Journal reports today that the growing economic and geographical closeness sprawl of the Bay Area and Sacramento region will be explored during a summit Thursday at the University of California Davis.

The summit is free and open to the public, but space is limited and pre-registration required. For more information, go to

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Room 232 of the ARC building at 1 Shields Ave. on the UC Davis campus.


The focus of the meeting seems to be on transit and land use issues in the corridor. Of course more highways means more cars. More/better transit means more density in the corridor.


Photograph of sprawl by millicent bystander.

6 Cities Caught Shortening Yellow Light Times

2374848944_3a567d5086.jpgA study performed by the National motorists association has shown that increasing the time that a light is Yellow during it’s cycle can markedly improve the safety of that intersection. Conversely, decreasing the time can increase revenues from tickets generated by the cameras at those intersections. Money or safety, amazing that Union City California was one of the six busted for trapping motorists with short yellow times.

Short yellow light times at intersections have been shown to increase the number of traffic violations and accidents. Conversely, increasing the yellow light duration can dramatically reduce red-light violations at an intersection.

Some local governments have ignored the safety benefit of increasing the yellow light time and decided to install red-light cameras, shorten the yellow light duration, and collect the profits instead.

With red light running being one of the cities major issues, along with gun play and road rage, I wonder how SF measures up wrt Yellow light times.

More on the subject

h/t BoingBoing, Leftlane, NMA.

Cyborg Enforcers Illustration courtesy of Mike Kline

Tunnel Vision

west portal blue, by pbo31Early yesterday morning, a supposed drunk driver steered his car into the MUNI Metro tunnel at West Portal and damaged the automatic drive system, forcing MUNI operators to operate each train manually. This is the cause of the major delays along the MUNI Metro lines for a majority of the day yesterday.

This isn’t the first time someone has driven their car into a MUNI Tunnel, either!

Drive safely, folks! And for that matter, ride safely!

photo by pbo31 on Flickr

Underground Parking?

Speaking of parking, check out this photo found in the Los Angeles Public Library archives

Underground Parking Supporters

Supporters for a Pershing Square (L.A.) underground garage “dig in.” Sign above group reads: San Francisco has underground parking; so should we.

The only underground lots I can think of offhand are the ones at Civic Center and Union Square. We need more!

Parking, Glorious Parking

The mass exodus for SXSW is well under way, and those of us who are left in SF get a little bit of breathing space.

For those who are traditionally here in SF during SXSW, riddle me this: is the parking really better in The City during events like Burning Man and SXSW?

Gold Meter

Which neighborhoods are most affected by this mythical blessing by the parking gods?

Wipeouts on 280

Summer 280 South
I headed south on 280 at 11am and witnessed the results of 2 wipeouts, one near Hillsdale and one near the Serramonte exit, on an offramp. Yikes. Nothing is wrong with going 40 during conditions, but some folks find the need to blaze by, without headlights on, perhaps trying to hydroplane? No idea.

Man the lifeboats – Flooding!

This just in from AlertSF:

“Flooding has been reported on Park Presidio just south of Fulton st. All south bound lanes have been closed south of Golden Gate Park. Sent by Lucas Eckroad to 473 individual users (E-mail accounts, Pagers, Cell phones) through AlertSF ……powered by Cooper Notification’s Roam Secure Alert Network”

Be safe out there.

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