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The Canvas is Closing


Word came to me today from the Inner Sunset Merchants Association that the Canvas Gallery will be closing its doors soon. This is sad news for all of those who live nearby as the Canvas was a great meeting place, with decent food and a nice gallery. They held excellent community events, giving local artists and crafstmen/women the opportunity to sell their wares. Note, imho the food and service passed its peak some time ago, unfortunately this may have been the leading indicator that the gallery was going to fold. If you are a regular at the Canvas, let them know they will be missed. If you have never been, now is the time.

There is also a rumour circulating that the Canvas will be replaced by a seafood restaurant called Pacific Catch. They have locations in the Marina and Corte Madera.

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Really great boiled dumplings

In case you’re planning Chinese food for Christmas – I thought I’d mention the great pork dumplings at San Tung on 10th and Irving. We must have beaten the rush because we got to sit down almost right away, and as we were leaving people were cramming into the door and lined out outside. The main dishes we had were okay, but not outstanding. Everything was cheap. Now that I’m reading other people’s reviews, I see there are specific recommended dishes – the homemade noodles and dry fried chicken.

The boiled dumplings were divine: fresh, tender, tasty and gingery, with green onion, and perfectly cooked.

Pain in the Muni


I was heading into work on the N Judah this morning but these guys were kind of in the way. It wasn’t even 10 a.m.! You’d think they could at least wait until after lunch before blocking the inbound trains… So rude.

Massive gas leak! Neighborhoods being evacuated!

There is a massive gas leak at the Ortega Post Office in the Sunset that can be smelled over 10 blocks away. The police just said that they are evacuating surrounding neighborhoods. If you can smell the gas, don’t light up!

Happy 1 year to Diggnation!

Alex & Kevin

On Wednesday evening the wildy famous Diggnation podcast from local boys Revision3 had their 1 year anniversary podcast taping and hooch-fest at Beach Chalet. A ton of people showed up to see the guys do their thing live and get utterly hammered along the way.

You can see my photos of the event here. For much better coverage check out the photos by Scott Beale and Thomas Hawk.

Congrats to Alex, Kevin, Keith, David and the rest of the Revision 3 crew. Rock on bruthas!

Emergency Community Meeting – Inner Sunset

Next Thursday there will be an Emergency community meeting for the Inner Sunset. Hosting this meeting will be the District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. District 5 mostly covers the business corridor of the Inner Sunset, and the rest is in District 7. Regardless of district, if you live, eat or shop in the area it’s in your interest to attend this meeting and be heard. There will be a question and answer format.

The meeting’s stated focus (from an email/flyer to residents) is on problems related to “homelessness in the neighborhood and in Golden Gate Park, graffiti and the quality of life”. Also in attendance will be “key officials” from the following departments:

  • Park Police Station
  • Taraval Station
  • Richmond Station
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Public Health
  • Recreation and Park Department
  • Department of Human Services

Date: June 1, 2006
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Location: County Fair Building
Address: Intersection of 9th Ave. and Lincoln Way

Frontyard Art

I was down at the beach the other day having a stroll and came across this very homemade looking piece of art adorning someones front walkway. It always fascinates me where a community draws the line in nudity and public art. For instance this would never fly in just about any mid-western suburb. Soccer moms with torches and pitchforks would’ve descended within 10 minutes of its, pardon the pun, erection to protect the innocence of their virgin eyed children and uphold the decency of the community. I so don’t miss that place in the least. So I say rock on San Francisco with yo’ bad nude self!

Not L.A.

Seen in, you guessed it, the Sunset.

3 Crosses

Just plain madness

When March Madness just isn’t good enough!

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