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Ladies Night : Naomi Klein and much more

Yes it’s ladies night… who knew that Weds Sept 26th held so many prospects and events to discover bold, beautiful, brainy and bodacious babes abounding in the Bay Area tonight.

Amongst the choices we have to enjoy their influence on our cultural landscape include:

Author Naomi Klein, who when she’s not grilling Alan Greenspan on the radio, is speaking at the First Unitarian Universalist Center on Franklin St, exploring the subject of “disaster capitalism” seen in the rampant corporatization occurring in the wake of cataclysmic events. Hiding in plain sight in the aftermath of either forces of nature or war, greed has replaced need and Klein’s new book “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism” explores how. Klein identifies a “disaster capitalism complex” building a booming niche amidst the traumatic breakdowns after events like Katrina, WTC collapse, the Sri-Lankan Tsunami and and the Iraq war. Using highly visible examples of corporations enriching their coffers at the troughs of trauma, she extends her analysis to include numerous instances over the past 50 years where a common economic ideology has slipped in to win similar spoils amidst a backdrop of human suffering. She’s even narrated a short film on the subject, click pic at right to preview the flick. She dissects the politics & policies of mass manipulators that have enacted egregious economic blackmail techniques into so many ravaged regions from Latin America and Eastern Europe to South Africa, Russia, and now of course the U.S and Iraq. Is your interest piqued? Then head down to 1187 Franklin Street (at Geary), seating starts at 7 pm.

Or maybe you need something besides a shocking mental exercise, how about a series of Beginner’s Hula Hoop classes for ladies, or perhaps some Punk Aerobics?

At Thee Parkside aerobics instructor Gina “Lunges” Lovoi has tailor-made rock n roll infused workouts for all levels every Wednesday from 6ish to 7:30. Yer DJ is Me First & The Gimme Gimmes vocalist Spike, and unlike most gyms, there’s plenty of beer, cocktails and even burgers and french fries available to ease those post work out pains & hunger pangs…

Hula heads should boogie on down to 1805 Divisidero to work those abs, and be prepared to take this class run by Isabella Zamor seriously folks, as the instructor’s fees reflect that she surely does… more info at

…and for those in the mood for something a little less strenuous on the brain or body, like say kicking it to some live music, there are plenty of female talents lurking about on stages in venues ranging from The Hotel Utah to The Fillmore tonight, with several of these ladies listed after the jump. So whether you want to see a lesbian Led Zeppelin cover band, ambient indie rock from Arizona, or hear an upcoming jazzy chanteuse on tour from Rome Italy, a local lady comedian or attend a gala affair in Alamo Square… simply read on, and check out some mp3 samples and videos.

R.I.P Jack Davis

Word filters in from friends that an icon of the local arts underground has passed away, that being a big man with big impact, Jack Davis.

Whether you remember him onstage coordinating acts at the early SF Blues Festivals, or from behind the scenes at The Farm or SOMArts Cultural Center or serving as Commodore of The Bayview Boat Club or perhaps on the Mayor’s recent Arts Task Force, he was a hard working, (for awhile hard drinking) and truly memorable spirit serving this city over at least the last 35 some years. He lived out by the houseboats near Pac Bell, in a community of renegade spirits, and was a true character, of the kind that cannot ever be recreated.

Not to be confused with the notorious local political consultant of the same name, this Jack Davis was known for his many contributions to the local arts scene, serving on the boards of organizations like S.F Mime Troupe and in the 1970’s helped get Intersection For The Arts off the ground. He was actually instrumental in helping so many groups and creative spirits it’s hard to document the contributions, including helping launch the four art cultural centers in the city, and he did so without divisive power squabbles, ugly ego or taking undue credit. The well liked guy’s heart just finally gave out last weekend, apparently while driving, almost a year to the week that a previous heart attack had set him back.

sadly, SOMarts annual Day of The Dead exhibit curated by Rene Yanez will have one more addition to mourn…

After the jump… there’s an excerpt of an excellent tribute piece written by John Law last year, after Jack had suffered his first heart attack.

Commemorating Sept 11th – Bay Area Style

While “ground zero” in Manhattan will almost certainly feature a Rudy Giuliani sighting and be the focus of much mainstream media attention on September 11th, there will be other distractions and gatherings afoot here on the left coast.

While Megadeth entertains the metal masses at The Warfield, I see that the Alcoholocaust crew have booked a more intimate affair with perennial political punkers M.D.C at Annie’s Social Club that night.

Most popularly known as Millions of Dead Cops, and alternately Multi-Death Corporations, the guys are not without a sense of humor, and have tempered their raging fury at times with humorous odes to preparing tofu spaghetti & respecting the rights of chickens to roam free while doing the “chicken dance”. I believe my fave MDC show was on Divisidero in 1988 at the late Kennel Club ( now The Independent) when the appeared as Mourn Divine Correctly as lead singer Dave donned a beehive wig & ball gown to celebrate the life of the late John Waters’ film starlet.

If drag is your thing, but you take it pretty darn seriously perhaps head over to Club Crash on Sept 11th to attend the the Transgender Law Center’s fifth anniversary. One has to wonder who booked the oddly insensitive named choice for a venue called Club Crash for an Anniversary Party on the typically bleak day of Sept. 11th . Gotta love that sick sense of humor displayed by SF Human Rights Commissioner and Transgender Law Center co-founder Cecilia Chung & crew…

Another Gay themed event occurs at Castro’s Books Inc. store, a release party for a collection of gay erotica edited by Simon Sheppard called Homosex: A Celebration.

The 11th Annual Madcat women’s film festival begins with screenings, and a free Bar BQ plus a performance by musical guests Amber Asylum at The El Rio.

In the East Bay, conspiracy buffs will gather at Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater, the politically purposeful movie palace hosting a 9/11 Truth Film Festival & symposium beginning Sept 10th and running through Tuesday Sept 11th.

Details on these events and links to more info including PowerPoint slides of engineering analysis of the WTC buildings’ collapse after the jump

Huge erection planned for SOMA

shaver.jpgPart of the plans to someday build a CalTrain and bullet train station at a rebuilt Transbay Terminal is a ginormous office tower that would make the project profitable for the developer. Today the Transbay Joint Powers Authority and its designers have released plans for a tower which resembles a vibrator with an electric-shaver head, and at its base a decorative merkin of green trees.

I think they’re trees.

The tower would dwarf the city’s tallest buildings, including the Transamerica Pyramid and the One Rincon building at the base of the Bay Bridge, recently topped off.

Creepy Security (Sniper? Lookout?) At The Metreon



Spotted at the Metreon today while I was leaving 5th and Mission, a lot of very intense security personnel at the Moscone Center for the sports event. This person cemented the feeling of homeland insecurity. He was gloved, and had a radio. Bomb squad was there, too.

Update 7/11: They’ll probably have guys like this in the clock tower of the ferry building now, on the lookout for suspicious briefcases that miss the boat to Vallejo: Bomb scare forces evacuation of SF’s ferry terminal. Good thing all those security teams were already there!

This Saturday, Come for a Cause

masturbateathon.pngYou don’t even have to be an exhibitionist to put out for progressive sex education in this town. This Saturday, at the Masturbate-A-Thon, put on by the Center for Sex and Culture at’s Porn Palace, don’t expect Jerry Lewis, just some good old-fashioned getting off.

It’s not too late to join in, recruit a team, collect some pledges, and really, really give back to the community. Not in San Francisco, or prefer, like many great local philanthropists, to remain an anonymous donor? You can always pledge yourself at home, or pledge one of the live performers at the Porn Palace and watch your good works in action on the streaming webcam feeds.

After the jump, a clip featuring the Center’s Executive Director, Dr. Carol Queen, giving a preview of the last year’s first international Masturbate-A-Thon in London, to hint at what one can expect at the world’s quite possibly most immediately gratifying charity event:

Kaboom & Underground Runway Return… Book Swap Debuts

Thousands will gather down by the Embarcadero waterfront for the 14th annual KFOG Kaboom tonight, running from 4-10pm at Piers 30/32 in San Francisco. Artists appearing this year include whitebread triple A radio non-faves Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Guster and the spicier fare of the funky latin tinged antics of Ozomatli.

This afternoon at The Phritzery on Clara between 4th & 5th is the debut of the drunken Book Swap… Apparently bring your own cup for all you can drink vodka. The event is being held in honor of the fact that san Francisco leads the nation in per capita consumption of alcohol and books more info here

A few blocks away at 111 Minna, the models and designers of Underground Runway will be gearing up for their 2nd indie fashion show tonight. Stop by on your way home from the fireworks to see the fireworks onstage at this upcoming urban edged local design showcase.

Hosted by local model Ferris Mason, designers include Eononu, High Maintanance, Bossalini Clothing and music afterwards from local DJs extraordinaire Sake 1 and Unda Kut.


6th Street Strip Report : Lawyers, Launches & Last Blasts

It may be hard to imagine that 6th & Mission once had it’s own miniature golf course, but here it is in a 1930’s photo from the SF Public Library collection. Nowadays the recreational pursuits in the neighborhood are quite different, and hardly as wholesome looking.

The current strip of nightclubs along SF’s seedy 6th Street strip and it’s offshoot alleys provide a classic study in contrasts. Fresh faced suburban bred 20-somethings careen intoxicatedly in and out of clubs looking to partake in some sort of overpriced quasi-glam nightlife activities, whilst dozens of ever present ne’er do’ells, derelicts and addicts of various sorts bob about, some actually laying sprawled on the concrete.

Word filters out that after a good few years of pioneering the attempted hipster takeover of the block, The Arrow Bar operators are tired of struggling and are calling it quits. This weekend is the last hurrah, with Monday night being the last chance to grab a PBR at their farewell blast. The place had been for sale since early this year, and the business opportunity to own your own urban squalor centric club was listed for about $160,000. I’m not sure who the new caretakers of the license might be, but we’ll wish ’em luck.

You might notice how empty the Arrow Bar bar is in this real estate website photo, and that’s either because the cover charge to get into the 900 sq ft dump was normally so high on a typical Monday that no one bothered to come in, or that everyone is quite possibly in the bathroom getting high…

Me thinks that white powder ain’t leftover Comet bathroom cleanser on the handy counter by the sink y’all…

Meanwhile, over at the sleek 1000 capacity Mezzanine club on Jessie, the cavernous concrete club was packed with dancing fools last night gulping down $8 & $10 cocktails while grooving to the U.K electronica mash maestros Soulwax. The “no ins & outs” Mezzanine is seemingly raking in dough from it’s captive audience, where even a 60 cent roll of lifesavers can set you back $2…

The joint is staffed to the gills with 4 bars pumping out top shelf drinks, there’s state of the art sound, video and ventilation systems, a comfortable VIP area and backstage replete with shower & eye pleasing art, furniture, fridge and dimmed recessed lighting.

Meanwhile the largest demographic segment of tenants in the square mile around 6th street are people making under $10,000 a year and most literally don’t have apot to piss in, unless you count a communal toilet down the hall…

If you’d like to read more on the 6th Street Strip and trivia and travails of Club Six and it’s neighbors, follow after the jump. We’ve even got a link that’ll get you onto the guestlist for a private JetBlue sponsored showcase at Mezzanine this Tuesday night, May 1st with Sweden’s current hottest musical exports The Teddybears STHLM…

Biking in SoMa

I’m headed back to LA today so I’ll stop pestering your NorCalers with my crap, but will leave you with this request for advice about bike friendly hotels in SoMa. Oh his blog, Joi asks:

“Anyone know of a good bike shop in the South of Market area? I’m in SF a few times a month these days and I think it would make sense for me to bike around instead of cab for those out-of-walking-distance locations.

Also, I just called the W Hotel and they said I couldn’t store my bike there even though I practically live there. Stupid hotel. Anyone know of a hotel that’s around the scale of the W Hotel that might be more friendly?”

Sorrow Town Choir & Empty Rooms Tonight

A visceral local rock experience, and possible extravaganza is in store for those that wander down to the Eagle Tavern tonight…

It’s long been a bastion of gay biker culture, run by members of the Rainbow Motorcycle Club, who’ve made it into a veritable museum & proudly fly the colors of all their fallen comrades from many other clubs as well on the walls. The friendly & loyal staff, plus large patio with it’s heat lamps & roaring fire pit is a great place to hang out & chat no matter what the weather. For at least the last 7 years or more , it’s also one of SF’s most beloved and low profile musical venues whenever a hard rocking edition of their long running Thursday Night Live series goes off.

The Sorrow Town Choir will be celebrating the release of their new EP “Espinas de la Vida” ( aka Thorns of Life), with some special musical guests including Eagle bartender/booker Doug Hilsinger (Waycross, Eno-orchestra etc) sitting in.
swt-2.jpg Opening sets will be provided by local up & comers Empty Rooms, as well as perennial punk rocktivist Jimmy Shotwell. Also on the bill is an increasingly rare live appearance by local musician/bartender Bone Cootes, tonight jamming with The Poontones who feature ol’ pals like Stinky ( Buck Naked) , Kevin Ink ( Kelley Stoltz) and Mike Hunter ( Naysayers, Tales of Terror).

I’ve linked up some mp3’s of the previously mentioned groups for anyone interested in previewing the noisy hubbub after the jump…

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