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90 Degrees and a Perfect Night for the Opera!

It’s going to be another warm night, so why not pack a blanket and picnic and head down the AT&T Park, tonight at 8pm!

The San Francisco will be showing a live simulcast of

Lucia di Lammermoor

…and it is FREE!

The park asks that you bring a blanket, if you intend to sit on the baseball field.

The simulcast will be projected in high definition on the park’s 3,200 square foot score board.

For advanced registration and more information;

Check out The San Francisco Opera’s Webpage

… and enjoy the weather tonight!

Wholphin 6 Screening @ Mezzanine

Please Vote For MeBigfootDarling Darling

Wholphin — the popular DVD magazine of short films — is back with issue 6 this summer, and tonight SF360 is putting on an advance screening of much of the DVD at the SoMa club Mezzanine. Doors at 7:00, show at 7:30. From the Wholphin page about the event:

Join us as SF360 presents the debut screening of Wholphin No 6 at Mezzanine on Thursday, June 19th. We will be screening a selection of films including a documentary about a class of Chinese third graders who hold a democratic election for classroom monitor and in the process end up hilariously, if unintentionally, mocking 300 years of American politics; a beautifully black, comic exploration of 70s England that isn’t, but could easily be, the prequel to A Clockwork Orange; a surreal dating short starring Michael Cera, with alternate audio versions featuring John Cleese and Daniel Handler; stunning footage of rarely-seen tropical reptiles and insects that are amazingly beautiful to watch, even when they’re eating each other head first; as well as films featuring great white sharks, America’s leading Bigfoot researchers, and a miniature seeing-eye horse.

You can reserve up to two tickets in advance by emailing with your name; reserved tickets are $8; it’s $12 at the door. It’s a 21+ venue; a limited amount of complimentary vodka will be offered by Kissui Vodka from Japan. (I’m not big on repeating corporate slogans, but I have to admit that the Kissui slogan makes me smile: When the Rising Sun Finally Sets.)

Two Weeks of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy!

SF indie’s Another Hole in the Head is running from June 5-22, 2008.

The opening night party Thursday, June 5, 9pm, at Annie’s Social Club; features “Thee Merry Widows”, “The Zoopy Show”, “The Undertaker and his pals”.

Free with your “HoleHead” Pass or $5 will also let you see some previews and sip some $3 Redhook all night.

There are movies for everyone playing at the Roxie and Brava Theater, I’m looking forward to “Alone”, a horror movie about cojoined twins, and “Meter Maid Me Massacre”.

“Meter Maid Me Massacre” by Cecil B. Feeder is a locally made movie for anyone who has left their car for two seconds to find a ticket stuck to the windshield. I saw a bit of the DVD, but I’m going to the theater anyway!

Annie’s Social Club
917 Folsom at 5th
San Francisco, CA 94103

Brava Theater
2781 24th Street
San Francisco , CA 94110

Roxie Cinema
3117 16th Street
San Francisco , CA 94117

Another Hole in the Head Information

(Filmmaker Cecil B. Feeder also released another film about everyone’s favorite traveling late night snack stand, the Tamale Lady. If you’ve been out after dark in the Mission, you’ve probably encountered her tasty treats. “Our Lady of Tamale” celebrates the woman behind the tamale.)

Upset About the High Cost of Energy?

One way to express your angst over your latest energy bill could be to…


This SUV interrupted my zombie-like stagger toward work this morning… so I took a picture.

I don’t know what the human injuries were, but the PG&E building and sidewalk pseudo-obelisk seemed unphased.

SUV takes on PG&E

Dozens sickened at Moscone conferences

The annual Java One conference in San Francisco is still going on, and if there are a lot of sick tech geeks today, it’s because they just discovered that dozens of attendees caught norovirus, the same fast-spreading illness that has afflicted cruise ships for the last several years.

People with norovirus (CDC page) experience vomiting, fever and diarrhea for up to 48 hours. It’s not fatal but when you’re in its grip you may wish it was.

SFFIF: Elouise Westbrook, Tellin’ It Like It Is


By chance the other day I met Kevin Gordon, the filmmaker behind the 11-minute documentary Tellin’ It Like It Is: The Work of Elouise Westbrook. Mrs. Westbrook has been active on behalf of the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood since she moved there in 1949, and it’s clear that even at the age of 92 she remains a force to be reckoned with. She was thrust onto the national stage when, in 1973, city officials failed to get the release of allocated federal funds to tear down the old barracks at Hunter’s Point and build housing there. In response, Mrs. Westbrook took a delegation to Washington, determined not to leave without getting the funding her neighborhood was due. Eventually she succeeded, and the city received its $30 million for the project.

However, Mrs. Westbrook’s greatest ongoing success probably lies in the clinic she helped to found, the South of Market Health Center, which now has three active facilities. A fourth facility is in development, with plans to break ground in the fall: Westbrook Plaza. The Plaza honors Mrs. Westbrook’s vision of affordable healthcare and affordable housing for all, by combining the two in a single development.

The short screens tonight at 9:00 at the Kabuki, and opens for the feature Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans. Tickets available at the theater.

Earlier this afternoon I got Mr. Gordon on the phone and we talked a bit about this film and his aims as a filmmaker. Our Q&A starts below and continues after the jump.

So, how did you learn about Mrs. Westbrook in the first place?

Well, I totally lucked out: I was actually approached with the film. Another filmmaker I’d just met called me about how the South of Market Health Center wanted a tribute made for their founder, and that she (the other filmmaker) was too expensive for them, but thought I might do it for a lot cheaper. Of course, that was the case. But when I met Mrs. Westbrook, I knew that I had no choice but to make the movie. She struck me immediately as an amazing person and an amazing subject, but it wasn’t until I was really into the research that I realized how significant she really was. So everything kind of happened backwards to how you’d normally expect it to happen.

Break Time


The Chronicle Backlot

Is Gavin’s Justice Lite Going To Be Justice Served ?

I left the “Town Hall” meeting on the city’s plans for a “Community Justice Center” last night at the library with far more questions and frustrations than when I entered it.

Pitched to the public as a possible solution to solving the spiraling street crimes & homeless situation downtown, I get the feeling no one left anymore reassured that it will actually work, including the organizers sitting on the dais.

For more on the public reaction to the Mayor’s not so “original”, or well thought out concept for community justice, read on…

You *Will* Survive Folsom Weekend (And Your Ass Will Too)


You fall into one of three categories:

* You’ve raided Trader Joe’s, stocked up on beer and rented/torrented enough Galactica episodes to last through Monday.
* You managed to get a decent hotel, and remembered your collar and leash.
* All bets are off: you have a rubber cowboy suit complete with sidearm squirt guns filled with Astroglide.

If you’re not hunkering down and waiting for the leather storm to pass — estimated 400,000 visitors for the Folsom Street Fair and all its auxiliary events this weekend, here are a few more guides to help you navigate the lack of taxis, overpriced (but strong) SOMA and Castro drinks, and all the eye-popping bacchanalia you’ve ever hoped to see this side of the black-and-blue rainbow. The thing is, Folsom’s not the only event shutting down neighborhoods this weekend — there’s the Love Parade downtown Saturday, a bike ride across the Golden Gate (also Saturday), a mini-marathon closes off Embarcadero to Presidio Sunday, and North Beach is clogged for a fleet blessing Sunday, too. It’s enough to make a girl hang up her whips and give her puppies (you know, that kind) a rest — except Folsom is fun — and all entry fees go to a good cause or two, so enjoy — and dig these helpful guides:

* The basics: Gridskipper’s Folsom Street Fair Survival Guide
* SF Gate sez don’t even bother to drive, and lists all the nutty weekend SF events (with links!) and transit route sites (with links!)

Don’t miss the city-wide, boot-licking fun — or the chance to make sitting down a painful event (fond memories!) in your cube farm for the next week and a half:

* Folsom is Sunday — here’s a (Gmaps) map of the blocked off streets. Basically, it’s Folsom between 7th and 12th, and don’t even try to park by Rainbow General.
* All peripheral Folsom leather events are here — mostly for gay men.
* (Friday through) Sunday at noon in San Jose is Folsom Fringe, an smOdyssey all-gender/orientation speaker event and vendor faire, providing transportation Sunday to and from Folsom.
* Saturday is an open dungeon play party at The Citadel, “This Shit Will Fuck You Up”.
* Perverts Put Out: Folsom Edition is also Saturday night — a lit-geek-pervy event not to be missed if you’re in town for the weekend. Highly recommended especially for the presence of Daphne Gottleib, Thomas Roche, Steven Schwartz, horehound stillpoint, and emcees Carol Queen and Simon Sheppard.
* Ultimate event, Saturday night: The Folsom Eve Ball (NSFW link; mmm, galleries) is at‘s Porn Palace. Need I say more?

Do shop locally for world-renowned sex gear at the freshly stocked Good Vibrations locations, Madame S, Mr. S, Stompers Boots, Stormy Leather, Dark Garden, Dollhouse Bettie and (for the true pervs), the SOMA Bed Bath and Beyond.

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