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COP “I’ll break your arm like a twig”

Illegal to skateboard in San Francisco?


Never mind that this cops understanding of the law is way outdated, try 6 years old. It is a matter of fact, Skateboarding is allowed in all those places he claims it is not. Read for yourself, the only provision in the county code when Skating isn’t allowed:

San Francisco City and County law

“a) Prohibits skateboarding on any city street at any time, on any sidewalk in any business district at any time, and on any non-business district sidewalk commencing 30 minutes after sunset and ending 30 minutes before sunrise (Traffic Code, Section 100)”

Snipped from the Supes Legislative analysts memo from 2003.

Skateboarding is only illegal at NIGHT. This kid looks to be right, this cop is acting like a fucking dick. I mean fer chrissakes we even have a SF Skateboarding Task Force (PDF)!

The Death of Another Skate Bank

Bogus! Last week I noticed the prep work for this and yup, now it’s official. As of Monday, the bricks went flying outside the SBC (now AT&T) building at the corner of 2nd & Folsom. Post-work, I’d usually walk by several (direct from Central Casting) lanky, scruffy skaters practicing on this bank. Quite often accompanied by low-to-the-ground videotaping on another skateboard. (They were always genuinely courteous of the walking commuters btw.)

It’s pathetic that in a city renown in the 80’s as a skateboard mecca, skaters are reduced to prizing such less than challenging locations. Further evidence that an updated skate park built in a non-hinterland location is sorely needed. (Potrero Del Sol still twists tantalizingly in budgetary limbo.) At least it’s heartening to know that, pretty soon, they’ll have figured out away to exploit the new brick layout and be grinding once again.

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