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Trend-reporting firm publishes SF "Snapshot"

psfk_cover.jpgA couple weeks ago on the MediaBistro site Agency Spy, a blog about the advertising industry, there was a post about a mysterious (to me) booklet published by “an international trends-led publishing, events and consultancy business” called Piers Fawkes. The booklet, PSFK Snapshot, purported to be a sort of guidebook to San Francisco’s most cutting-edge culture, the places to find the real trend-setters, or “influencers,” which I think is the more current term.

Curious, I ordered the book (seen at left). It’s a square booklet about 4 inches on a side, and about 56 pages long. It lists a few cafes, restaurants, art galleries, community events and so on. The list is pretty standard hipster fare: Blue Bottle Coffee, Red Poppy Art House, The Crucible, Maker Faire, Burning Man. In other words, nothing you wouldn’t learn living in San Francisco for one week, or by reading this blog, SFist, and BoingBoing for a month or so.

I got through the whole book in about 90 seconds, and when I was done I understood even less what the book was for. Suppose it is absolutely essential to know that the most snobbish coffee fanatics go to Blue Bottle. If I’m in the advertising industry, what is that knowledge going to get me?

In fact, I was much more interested in the booklet as a product of the Blurb publishing website, where you can upload photos and text and have them print a pretty little book. If I were a photographer, or preparing a booklet for my mother’s 70th birthday or something, it looks like a great service.

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Bay Area Ridge Trail

The Presidio

How many of you have walked it within San Francisco? A good place to start would be The Presidio. Get outside and enjoy the Wilderness… it’s free!

I ♥ cunnilingus

Photo from Sunday’s Bay to Breakers by Steve Rhodes — someone put a banner reading “I ♥ cunnilingus” in the hand of one of the statues on the Music Concourse. Anyone have photos of the people who carried it in the race?

I heart cunnilingus, photo by Steve Rhodes

Fire on Mt. San Bruno

A helicopter dumps water on a brush fire on Mount San Bruno, just south of Brisbane, Calif., as traffic continues passing on Hwy. U.S. 101 today, 20 May 2008

A brush file driven by gusty winds burned several acres on the eastern shoulder of Mt. San Bruno, between Brisbane and South San Francisco. When I came down the freeway from San Francisco about 11:30 a.m. I could see thick brown smoke boiling from the mountainside, which is covered in dry grass and brush with small oak trees. The flames were about a hundred yards away from the southern-most house in Brisbane, a two-story house that overlooks US 101.

3:15 pm — From what I can see of the southern part of the burned area, the fire has been contained. About 30 firefighters are on the mountainside mopping up. The afternoon fog is coming in over the ridge and the winds are blowing harder than ever. Good thing they finished those water drops before the fog came in.

1:30 pm — Firefighters have extinguished the flames on the southern edge of the fire and the crew that did the job got into a helicopter and flew off. Meanwhile firefighters have dragged hose up the side of the mountain from Old Bayshore Rd. and are working on the edge of the fire closest to the road.

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Upset About the High Cost of Energy?

One way to express your angst over your latest energy bill could be to…


This SUV interrupted my zombie-like stagger toward work this morning… so I took a picture.

I don’t know what the human injuries were, but the PG&E building and sidewalk pseudo-obelisk seemed unphased.

SUV takes on PG&E

Heat Taunts BART Users on Spare the Air Day

May 15th was not only a “Spare the Air” day and “Bike to Work” day; it also was a day of record temperatures in The City. As the day went on, the heat soared to 97 degrees in the city.

As noon approached, trouble began to brew on the BART system. For the next 8 hours, the system was plagued by delays of 45 minutes or longer.

I met the BART problem head-on at rush hour last night. I arrived at Civic Center at about 4:40pm. Trains were being held in between stations and at stations for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. The first train only went to 24th street/Mission, so I didn’t get on. Then I realized, soon enough, the trains were ONLY going to 24th Street/Mission, where you would have to transfer.

17 minutes later, two more trains came and went, absolutely packed to the ceiling. Finally, I got on a train. At 24th Street, something strange happened- the train went backwards. Apparently, while I was zoning out in iPod land, the train had suddenly become a Richmond train and just started going the other way at 24th Street.

At 16th, I disembarked to attempt another try towards my destination. Alas, my “SFO” BART train, again, suddenly became a Richmond train and turned around. But, at least, this time, I managed to GET OFF the train at 24th.

The platform was packed with people, the trains kept turning around. Then two more packed trains rolled by. Finally, I braved one of the packed trains. My last BART train of the evening made several long pauses to cool itself, but I did finally make my destination at 6:20pm.

BART passengers delayed by heat wave


High-Def SF

SF Moon Panorama
Looking for a nice view of The City? Hi-Def San Francisco, a project of CloudView Photography, has some great views!

Not only is there a live view of the SF skyline, there are some stunning HD panoramas, a live map of ships in the Bay and more. My favorite is the mesmerizing HD time lapse of The City as viewed from Sausalito, available in 480p, 720p, and even 1080p(!) so you can fill your screen with a superb view of SF.

MUNI Bus Hits Pedestrian

This photograph was taken at approximately 5pm, on May 8, 2008. A post on states that a pedestrian on 7th street and Mission was hit by the 14L, while crossing the street.

MUNI 14 accident-5/08/08

Good Tidings for the Dogpatch

New basketball court

After breakfast with fellow Metblogger Richard Ault at Just For You on 22nd, I found this shiny, bouncy new basketball court on Minnesota Street.

Such a beautiful weekend

Sunday Walk

Today was the first day I’ve been able to go out and enjoy the weather in a while. The Petri Dish Effect™ that is quite unique to compact city living delivered my 6th cold since January 1st a week ago. Anyone else notice this cold season has been exceedingly brutal?

More photos from my walk today

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