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Monday is Here

Cindy%20and%20Zoe.jpgTo quote The Mamas And The Papas, “Monday Monday, so good to me, Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be…”

I’m not in the habit of looking forward to Mondays, but as a taxi driver, this particular Monday has been on my hurry-up-and-get-here list for awhile now.

The new direct connector ramp from Airport Boulevard to southbound I-880 was opened to the public today making exiting the Mineta San Jose International Airport much easier.

Armed with an intense desire and my SF-Metroblogging card, I was able to gain access to the I-880/Coleman Avenue Interchange Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. I stood outside of the clear plastic tent listening to a few short speeches. Those in attendance were then offered a VTA bus ride to view the new route.

I asked a fellow who looked as though he might know if the bus tour invitation was open to everyone. As he was thinking over my question, I again flashed my Metroblogging card and began to explain blogging, when he said that I could follow him.

By following him, I found myself on the bus sitting behind Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez and U.S. House of Representative Zoe Lofgren. Across the aisle was U.S. House of Representative Mike Honda. Not bad company.

The group boarded onto two VTA buses, and our tour began. Our driver made a skillful u-turn and we started our decent down the new ramp. At the entrance to the tunnel we got off of the bus for the official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

There is still much work to be done at the airport, but at least the new I-880/Coleman Interchange will make every day of the week, not just Monday, more enjoyable.

Thugs v. cops in downtown SJ

Studio 8Do you avoid downtown San Jose at night because of the cops or the thugs? It is a toss-up for me, but Studio 8 is betting on the cops. They have sued the San Jose Police Department for driving away patrons.

Now I will make a confession: I had my last birthday at Studio 8 (way back in December, so a girl can change, right?). We didn’t want to go to San Francisco that weekend, so the options were very limited. There are many reasons why I haven’t been back: bad music, the bad crowd, the fact that they shut down at 1:30…oh, and the closed down streets and cops everywhere when you leave, making you feel like your life would be in danger if you were allowed to drive down 3rd Street or walk to your car without a cop staring at you.

If you haven’t been to downtown San Jose lately (and that’s most of you, I bet), you probably haven’t seen all of the baracades, closed-off streets, and police that appear weekend nights. Let me tell you, it really adds to the fun, fun-filled, big-city atmosphere. I guess they are trying to reduce crime and all of that. But isn’t San Jose supposed to be the safest big city in America?

Anyway, San Jose Inside has a whole thugs v. cops discussion because of the lawsuit. If you want to get the Silicon Valley geek crowd to downtown San Jose, open some martini bars that stay open late, and don’t act like we are on the verge of riots every Saturday night at 2AM. We don’t really care about the thug or cop scene.

San Jose Has One Too


Anna’s post on homicides in San Francisco, “Dynamic Foot Patrol Crime Map”, made me remember that San Jose unfortunately has it’s own homicide map.

Six reasons why San Jose doesn’t suck

Yes, yes, San Jose sucks in a lot of ways, and we all love to bash it, myself included. But there are also some good things going on here that don’t suck, so I started making a list, hoping to come up with ten. However, I only got to six, and it is a bit food-centric. so I am hoping that you can help me finish the list!

6. Golf courses. I counted 11 of ‘um, including Santa Teresa, where you can “play” the 9-hole “executive” course for $11 in flip-flops with nothing but a pitching wedge.

5. Parks and open spaces. No matter which direction I pick, I am a short drive away from good hiking or picnic spot.

4. Ethiopean food. I am obsessed with the quality, quanity, and cheapness of the Ethiopean food in San Jose. Here is my list.

3. Free parking downtown, and everywhere for that matter. Yeah, we are a car culture down here, but at least we have lots of room to put our cars.

2. Indian food. Indian food is everywhere in the Bay Area, and San Jose is no exception. I have a nice choice of yummy buffets to hit up at lunch. Again, quality, quanity, and cheapness rule.

1. Fruit stands and farmer’s markets. We may have built tract housing over some of the best agricultural land in the country, but as a result, we are living right next to a little of best agricultural land in the country. The result: lots of fruit stands and me stuffing myself with nectartines, tomatoes, melons, strawberries, cherries, and corn.

San Jose, 10 Reasons Why It Ain’t Cool


10. Not sure anyone in San Jose would know what to wear, or not wear, at the Burning Man.

9. Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff just gave up on his plan to move the team to San Jose. There has been talk of bringing the NBA to San Jose, just don’t let the Golden State Warriors hear about it.

8. The Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport. (International only because you can fly to and from Mexico.) The Light Rail goes nowhere near the airport.

7. The IBSF World Snooker Team Championships were played in San Jose from August 16 – 26 No one knew–did anyone care?

6. The fountain at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park in downtown San Jose has made at least seven people sick.

5. The San Jose Repertory Theatre just got spanked for overspending. They had the guts to bring in big names like Holly Hunter and Lynn Redgrave. They were presumptuous enough to put on plays chosen for their artistic significance. The cheeky set dresser forgot to use orange crates, and built elaborate sets. Now they need a $1 million bailout, so the shows can go on with out splendor.

4. The nearest decent shopping is a $12 cab ride from downtown. The nearest decent nightlife is a $120 cab ride up Hwy. 101..The Rev. Jorge Hernandez of St. Boniface Church, blessed taxicabs during the annual ‘Blessing of the Taxicabs and the Drivers’, in San Francisco.  The Taxicabs in San Jose are not blessed, though I’m sure that the passengers do pray.

3. We just had a Jazz Festival with almost no Jazz. We can’t even begin to compete with the Little Fox, downtown Redwood City, or The Mountain Winery in Saratoga…

2. Some mighty humorous public art lurks downtown.

1. “Metroblogging San Jose” does not exist.

Reason #549938 to keep road rage in check

I hate reading about these things in my neighborhood, especially since I tend to yell and honk at other drivers who piss me off. I’ll be sure to be especially nice to any green Honda hatchbacks I see driving around my ‘hood, and to be speedy with my U-turns.

The article is in the Merc, but it is kinda confusing, so I’ll paraphrase: A guy in a green Honda yelled and honked at another guy who was being slow making a U-turn. So this guy making the turn yelled back. The green Honda followed him and they kept yelling at each other, ending in them both getting out of their cars and getting in a fight. The green Honda guy then sliced the U-turn guy with a pocket knife. Then they both drove away. U-turn guy: Why did you yell back? Why did you stop your car and get in a fight with this asshole? Dude!

So if you are in south San Jose, don’t pick fights with guys in green Hondas ’cause you might end up with a flesh wound. And if you do see this guy, please call the police.

From the Mercury News:

[The man] is described as a Hispanic male in his 30s, 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, with brown hair and a goatee, Muyo said. He was wearing a white tank top that revealed tattoos on both of his arms. Anyone with information is asked to call the department’s assaults division at (408) 277-4161.

(Don’t) Bite Me!

images-1.jpgYesterday morning as I was cruising around Willow Glen checking out the garage sales, I noticed people walking home from the Willow Glen farmers’ market. They had their customary bags full of fruits and veggies etc., but what caught my eye were the flowers. I had to have some.

The *Willow Glen farmers’ market offers organic-foods, produce from local farms, bread, and seafood. I also saw a small selection of, pottery, jewelry, arts and crafts. One of the best things that can be found there on Saturday mornings is the feeling of community. It is a good place to hear the latest news, to see old neighborhood friends and possibly make new ones. 

After I had picked up some of the fresh-cut flowers that I had been admiring, I happened to overhear two women talking about mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus. One of the women, Andi, is a vendor at the market specializing in **potted plants. Andi also works for the Santa Clara County Vector Control. I joined in on their conversation about the need to get out the information that would be beneficial in stopping the West Nile virus threat.

Exploring West San Carlos Street

glassgecko.JPGI have been exploring West San Carlos Street in San Jose. I had no idea that there were so many interesting little places along here. West San Carlos is an old street that runs east and west between highway 87 and 880, just north of 280. It is dotted with antique stores, barber shops, and all sorts of ethnic restaurants. I first started going there for the Ethiopian food. Have you noticed that San Jose has tons of Ethiopian restaurants? And three of them are on West San Carlos.

Last night I tried Lebanese food for the first time. Just Laziz is right next to The Lunch Box, which is the best deal for Ethiopian food and beer around. I saw this place and had been wanting to try it out. Then we headed next door to the Glass Gecko for a little dive bar action.

More about the my food finds, cheap beers, and colorful locals after the jump.

Goodies, For a Good Cause

Friday, the 18th, there will be a drive-up bake sale, 10am to 2pm, at “The Fairmont San Jose” 170 South Market Street, San Jose. Executive Pastry Chef, Fernando Arreola is baking up goodies to trade for donations that will benefit The Children’s Musical Theatre of San Jose.

Pull your car up to “The Fairmont San Jose” curbside and the hotel staff will deliver: Cookies- – oatmeal, sugar, and peanut butter. Brownies and Blondies. Biscotti to Rice Krispy Treats. Pastries…

Cash donations, or checks made out payable to: The Children’s Musical Theatre of San Jose.

Donations will help support the young talented artists, and the theatre.

* Photo courtesy of: ibison4

The Lamp

lamp.jpgMy first taxi fare this morning was a couple getting away, for what I would call a well deserved vacation. They told me that they had been working hard at their small business, and were looking forward to a bit of time off. When I inquired just what business did they have, the Mr. replied that it was called Casa Casa in Willow Glen.

Ah, my neighborhood, and that was the store where I bought a lamp for the bedroom. The lamp that my husband affectionately calls, “the hooker lamp.”

Casa Casa at 1355 Lincoln Ave, is one of the nicest shops in Willow Glen. It is a bit high-priced, but they do offer unique items.

It is not easy finding a parking spot on Lincoln Ave., so look for the parking lot around back.

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