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Green Apple books literary moshpit

Thanks to Mark Pritchard I was at the huge blowout used book sale at Green Apple Books on Clement and 5th! And it’ll go on for months, with new books brought up from the warehouse every week.

We were all elbow to elbow with our necks sideways, concentrating, muttering, calculating prices. The crowd was intense and intent, biting their lips with concentration. At one point I lunged halfway across the room with my hand stuck out and nabbed an old hardback copy of The Country of the Pointed Firs; I think I whimpered with happiness at my luck and then realized that about 10 people were giggling and beaming approval. After about an hour & a giant armload of books & a stiff neck, at the checkout I had only spent 50 bucks.

Big Flavor at little Vietnam cafe


When I’m actually nuts enough to drive down Clement Street in the Inner Richmond, and it’s a lunchtime traffic circus (when is it not a traffic circus?), I now without fail stop by the curiously non-initial capped little Vietnam cafe (309 6th Avenue, between Clement and Geary). Yep, I’ll actually circle around the block a few times on parking space prowl just to grab the super-fresh, flavorful, and very economical home-style Vietnamese dishes.

Yom Kippur Sign- Lauridio

I was waiting at the JCC to get the 43 Masonic, and I got to use my college Russian translation skills to slowly read outloud like a small Russian school child (I wish!). I think it says: Service in Russian with Cantor Peel. It’s not too late: at 6pm is the service, and there’s more tomorrow.

Also want to mention Matt’s post yesterday, and Lauren’s friend translated part of the sign as: “Yom Kippur in wonderful venue in Japantown.”

Vanishing Mail Collection Box, Resolution


Good news, folks! Just this afternoon, the mail collection box that vanished has been replaced! After my last update I created a flyer with information on who to contact at SF USPS and gave the flyer to a worker at the Senior Center. She said that the seniors had been calling different numbers and this one contact number would be very helpful.

Run the Red at Velo Rouge Cafe


Located near USF at 798 Arguello Boulevard at the corner of McAllister, the bicycle-themed Velo Rouge Cafe is popular with USF students and neighborhood residents. There always seems to be a good mix of people during the day: coeds, professionals, and parents with kids. As expected by the name, a fair amount of bicylclists stop by, locking up their bikes on the bright red bike rack out front. The owner has created a good, comfortable neighborhood cafe that entices the Golden Gate Park-goers, as well. After a few visits on my own, and enjoying the coffee and the espresso drinks, I brought my wife and daugther there on a recent Saturday morning to try their nibbles as well.

Vanishing Mail Collection Box, Update #1

Here’s an update on the progress of my complaint to the USPS regarding the neighborhood mail collection box that vanished a couple of weeks ago (see previous post):

Eyesore on Wheels


For four nights over the Labor Day Weekend, this RV eyesore and its occupants were parked across the street from our flat, next to the park. Usually, as my wife reported to me from her observations, they are parked across the street from the Safeway at the end of the continent. After observing some regular visitors to the RV, as well as a Sunday police event at the Muni stop in front of the Senior Center, which somehow involved the seemingly lone female inhabitant of the RV and two males, I finally decided to call the SF Police.

Dynamic Foot Patrol Crime Map

Thanks to Tharpo for sending this to me today. She got it in her district email newsletter. Yeah, we’re crime-patrol geeks.

Dynamic map of homicides in SF from 2004, 2005.

As of the time I wrote this the Geocities link wasn’t working- for the active Google-maps version.

Vanishing Mail Collection Box

On Tuesday, I walked across the street from our flat to drop a couple of Netflix discs in the mail collection box in front of the senior center and adjacent to an oft-used Muni stop. Here is what I saw (or, rather, didn’t see):


What the hell happened to it?

Tree house… Land’s End… guy from Guam…

cliff_sm.JPG SFGate article here. Down at Land’s End, they found, in a treehouse, the remains of an elderly man. It was about a year old. There was no skull. I have to say, sounds like a nice place to spend your last moments, if it was a natural death. My friend lives a few blocks from there, and whenever I visit at night at least, it has a spooky kind of “end of the world” feeling, apt for its name.

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