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Location, Location… er, Location

Run, don’t walk to SocketSite to see the latest posting about… the squalid life of Potrero hill and how you too can buy it for only $1,000 per square foot. Excellent. Meth lab, or “photo lab.” Words do no justice. Seems like the realtor has taken off of SFARMLS the oh, so excellent photos from earlier this afternoon when they realized it wasn’t, um, selling the place. Still, SocketSite is worth checking out in all its glory.

Potrero Hill pwnz j00r limo

Apparently this picture is originally from The Traveling Tiger. They were out at when they saw this limo:


Sometimes, ya gotta laugh. !

Farley’s, Potrero Hill

I’m at Farley’s coffee in the midst of a jazz Thang with the twangy bassline & saxophone – a lot of toddlers – Scrabble players – two people playing cards with a Republican Chickenhawks of America deck – more gay families that I usually see in one cafe at the same time. How to tell the gay couples from “friends with a baby”? Besides invoking my basic gaydar, I figure if Daddy and other Daddy and baby Hannah are wearing matching Merrills, it’s a good bet. Conversation is impossible at this volume – it’s too loud inside…. Their jamming is good… particularly the spastically hyper bass player’s connection with the drummer. Out on the street it sounds great, saxophone drifting over the hills gracefully along with the swooshing of cars and distant highway.

potrero hill festival flyer

The band is called Darktet. I’m won over despite my skepticism of live music in cafes.

Outside, I met a super nice smiley woman & her daughter putting up flyers for the Potrero Hill Festival, which happens in a couple of weeks:

Potrero Hill Festival
Saturday, October 14
10am – 5pm

Pancake breakfast 9-11am, $7.00
Potrero Hill Neighborhood House
953 De Haro Street
(On Southern Heights between Carolina & Rhode Island)
More info: 415-826-8080,

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San Francisco Fashion Week™ Events Start Tonight

It’s not hard to notice that San Francisco teeters somewhere on the edge of fashion forward, with all the queer eyes for straight guys & gals monitoring the situation. Yet, the panache of the “properly” pierced, pampered & perfected people who can be seen obsessing into makeup mirrors on morning muni trains, can’t stop situation from quickly tilting into retrograde whenever some oblivious hippie boards wearing sandals & socks. I won’t even mention the popular khaki armies massing at lunch each noon in the financial district.

Working to put SF back on the fashion map is dedicated team of attitude laden ladies, and their week is finally upon us…

A few years ago, entrepreneurial hipster Erika Gessin of Mystery Girl Productions started hosting local fashion showcases awhile back at venues like 111 Minna and Ruby Skye , and that has now evolved into the more fully evolved event in it’s 3rd incarnation she calls San Francisco Fashion Week™. In fact, now using the power of suggestion, she’s even previously gotten the rug ready Harper’s Bazaar pinup Gavin to issue a Mayoral proclamation declaring it so…

While not on par in volume or star power with the NYC namesake, or even just the regular industry activity seen monthly in LA, the event does boost the spirits of local FIDM grads and fashion afficionados. This week the kick off event is on Weds night at The Galleria at The San Francisco Design Center. For thos of you new to town, that’s in the “design district” at 101 Henry Adams Street, kinda at where the bottom of Potrero Hill hits South of Market.

Runway shows with local designers will be featured starting at 7pm, each night this week through Friday and afterwards for late night clubbers, on Friday a loosely affiliated Fisherspooner concert takes place at Mezzanine. Read on for more info …

La Raza Park, Potrero

La Raza park is a dividing line between two gang territories, where the Mission turns into Potrero. Over the past ten years working at SRL, which is nearby, I’ve seen and heard some pretty intense stuff. This is on the ground across the street behind the park.

DJs in drag Saturday night

DragnetHere’s something that we can all enjoy:

Like many things that better with age, Sister SF has given San Francisco a party that year after year, somehow manages to top itself. For 9 years running, we’ve managed to morph some of the man-ly-ist local DJ boys around into fishnet wearing, skirt bearing blondes. We call this phenomonon Dragnet: We Like Boys.

So pull your skirt up and get over to Mighty. 8 solid Misters drag-teaming with all the resident Sisters. It’s not testosterone that makes a DJ. It’s not stilettos that break a DJ. What matters are the skills under the skirt.

Here’s what my friend Doug has to say about the lineup:

FYI, if you’re not up on the SF DJ scene, here’s some 411:

Smoove spins some of the best Breakbeats in SF. Hands down. He’s
been mixing up his sets recently with some “Drum and Breaks”, but the
beats are sick, Sick, SICK!

– Others of note:
Forest Green has been playing “Chill and Bass” and downtempo, so get yer chill on.

Bam, A:Dubl, and Samira play totally phat breaks.
Melyss, Fred Funk, and Scott Carrelli throw down the House.
Bam is just totally sick breaks. You will be clutching your stomach it’s so sick.

Mighty has a great sound system and multiple rooms, and hopefully your faves are in the main room. The club hardly ever sells out, so I wouldn’t worry about advance tix for this.

But if you want, you can save a dollar and get your ticket here. Mighty claims to be in SOMISSPO (where SOMA, the Mission and Potrero Hill meet) at 119 Utah St. Doors at 10.

It’s hot, so time for free drinks

While sweating my ass off at Orchard Valley Coffee in Campbell, the following email popped up:

At 2:17pm we are sweating our asses off over here at
Mighty – Feels like a good night to do a FREE BBQ and
Sling some FREE Tropical drinks.

6:00pm-9:00pm (longer if it’s still rockin)

bringin’ spontaneous parties back to SF.

So in about an hour, you can head over to Mighty for free drinks and food.

Sadly, I won’t be up in SF in time for that, but I did get talked into going to the 80s party once again later tonight at Cat Club where I’ll be Living on a Prayer and dancing Like a Virgin.

Heat The Street F(a)IRE

Ever wonder what “those crazy dusty kids” are up to? Like to wear whatever you please (and shake your ass while doing it)? The 6th Annual Burning Man Decompression “Heat The Street F(a)IRE” takes place this Sunday (Oct. 9) in Potrero Hill. Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota, $10 in Black Rock City attire; $20 street wear. All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo, Esprit Park closes and outdoor sound ends 10pm. If you STILL need more info, see the Burning Man website.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the side of a house

Walk-in movie You know how watching a movie with your friends is better than watching it alone? Also, most would agree that it’s better to watch a movie on the big screen rather than in your living room.

The Walk-in Movies (prior references) seemed to me to be a cross between the two. I got there late and set up my chair towards the back of the crowd already filling the lot. (I hadn’t realized it at first, but I had set up camp right next to Popvulture and her beau. Later, there was a Jackson spotting, or perhaps it’d be better to say Jackson had a me-spotting, as he snuck up behind me.) Most folks were camped out on blankets, and the grade of the hill gave many the chance to lie back and still be able to see the projection. A few folks had brought their dogs, who were all well behaved.

The folks who put Walk-in Movies together had a clue as well. The sound was just loud enough to be heard but not bug the neighbors. As for their location, it turns out that the guy who originally started these nights had owned the house onto which the film was projected, but had since moved. The new coordinators went to the new homeowners and made sure they were cool with people hanging out every once in a while to watch movies projected onto their home (and they are).

It’s a good time, but the chance for mingling—at least once the movie starts—is low to nil. Once the movie’s over, people dispersed quickly, cleaning up their stuff as they went. Awesome.

I realize I sound like I’m critiquing this whole experience on how much it is or isn’t a nuisance, which wasn’t my original intention when I started writing this. But it’s just nice to know that the locals can get together and do something kooky without people getting pissed off or causing property damage.

Catch a movie outside

Some folks on or near 18th and Rhode Island will be showing the original Willy Wonka film tonight at dusk, about 8:30pm. Potrero Walk-In Movies have been doing this sort of thing for five years, and it’s now and always has been free (even the popcorn)! It’s BYOB, and if you do BYOB you should bring some for the hosts to share. It’s only neighborly. Also, think about bringing a blanket (to sit on or wrap yourself in after sundown), a lawn chair, foods, warm clothing (say it with me: pe-nin-su-la), and a bag to put your trash in because hey, that’s someone’s neighborhood you’re in.

Other urban drive-in theaters in the area include the now-defunct (but hopefully not for long) Liberation Drive-In in Oakland, and for the way-south there’s the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In.

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