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Pics from tonights Prop 8 protest

Prop 8 Protest

Prop 8 Protest

Prop 8 Protest

More pics on my flickr stream and witty commentary on my twitter tweets.

Film: 12th International Latino Film Festival, Nov 7th to 23rd

12th International Latino Film Festival

The 12th International Latino Film Festival is set to open tomorrow night at the Castro Theatre with Cachao: Uno Mas!, and it closes November 23rd. In between, the festival offers more than 50 films at four venues in San Francisco (plus one in Berkeley and 10 on the Peninsula).

The opening night film celebrates “the life of one of the most influential Afro-Cuban musicians,” Israel “Cachao” Lopez. The documentary “follows the legendary bassist from his early days in Cuba to worldwide recognition and features interviews with Andy Garca, John Santos, and more.” (As I recall, it was quite the favorite at SFIFF 51.) Naturally there will be a Noche Cubana to follow the film! (Nota bene: the party’s at the Hotel Kabuki.) If that’s not your style, you might stay on at the Castro to watch Los travestis tambien lloran, a French feature about two Ecuadorian transsexuals struggling to get by in Paris.

Other opening weekend highlights include Chevolution, which explores the life and legacy of Che Guevara; Children in No-Man’s Land, which documents the plight of the 100,000 unaccompanied minors who enter the US each year and are caught by immigration authorities; and the film that has, for my money, one of the best titles ever: Amor, dolor y viceversa, a “sexy thriller” featuring “the stunningly beautiful but forever single Chelo (Barbara Mori),” who is “haunted by recurring visions of a handsome lover (Leonardo Sbaraglia). But dreams turn to nightmares and nightmares to reality. As this tense and noirish jigsaw plot unfolds, truth, fantasy, and lies blur together, and a longing for love turns to unrelenting obsession.” Wow, sounds pretty good to me!

All films Saturday and Sunday are being screened at the Brava Theater for Women in the Arts (located at 24th & York, near Bryant, in Potrero Hill). There are several worthy films this weekend that I haven’t mentioned; for info on them and the other films in the weeks ahead, just check out the full schedule here.

Protest Prop 8 on Market Street this Friday

Last night some 2,000 people came out to City Hall to hold a candlelight vigil and protest the passage of Proposition 8. Susie Cagle at Curbed predicts this is just the beginning, and she’s right. You can take part in the next major protest this Friday. Word here. The plan is to meet above the Civic Center BART station (Market and 7th) at 5:30 PM, then march down Market street to Castro Street, down to 18th, and then back along 18th to Mission Dolores Park. The bigger the turnout, the better.

Swarming the streets

19th & Valencia @ Midnight

My neighborhood went 9 kinds of insane last night. How about yours?

On Voting, and Research

Just came to my attention that we were mentioned in N Judah Chronicle’s, Greg’s note on “1 to 1 Marketing: How I’m Voting for David Chiu,” the effectiveness of 1-to-1 marketing, vs. newspapers/ads/smears/robocalls:

But because I heard about David’s campaign from people I know and whose judgment I trust, such as my friend Stan (the quizmaster at the Blackthorn’s trivia Mondays), and my friend Anna at Metblogs (who lives in the district), their opinions mattered more to me in the end than what some ad said or what Chris Daly’s shifty junk mail says.

So nice that Greg clicked back to here, and he has helped me numerous times with complicated MUNI props, but more importantly, I like this trend of us showing our work. While in line at City Hall today, getting ready to vote, I talked to two women. One was from the Mission, another from Silver Terrace. They both were well read and interested in the issues in their district. Both had done legwork before voting. One had invited friends whose opinions she respected, over for dinner to go through the propositions. The other created a spreadsheet and listed all of the interesting information she researched online into a large matrix. So decide for yourselves, share your work if you want (my cheatsheet is here), but be knowledgeable! Let’s not let stupid win again.

Election Night Goings-On

Sure, you can follow the election at home, on TV or — for those households with no TV — obsessively reloading CNN and the New York Times until 4 in the morning. But it’s a lot more fun to get out of the house and watch the early returns with a big crowd of people, isn’t it? Thus:

The Yerba Buena Center, from 6:00 to 11:00 PM, will be the site of a
a huge non-partisan election night party, complete with free pizza after 8, a cash bar, big walls to scribble and draw on, and live music, DJs and dance performances along with big-screen TVs tuned to PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, “and everybody’s favorite, Fox News.” (They said it was non-partisan!) Check out the event page and humorous “press conference” here. Admission is free.

Over at Mezzanine, the San Francisco Obama campaign is having its official Counting-the-Chickens-As-They-Hatch party, and you can go too. Doors at 6:00. Admission is likewise free, but you should probably RSVP here. (Although I’m betting you can probably just wander in too, later on in the night.)

For those partisans out there, the Democratic Party will be here, and the Republican Party will be here.

Or you can go to any of these great events, too. To summarize: between Elixir, The Retox Lounge, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker’s, and Edinburgh Castle, you just can’t go wrong. And out in the Sunset at The Riptide, they’ll be playing the Daily Show election night special and offering their drinks at Depression-era prices. How appropriate!

Still undecided? Reload SFist in the morning and see what Brock hath wrought.

And wherever you end up — out on the town or just out on your couch — The Huffington Post has this interesting guide to watching Election Night Results. Don’t skip it — it’s worth reading!

District 3: Don’t Vote For Just a Name

I was walking back from the David Chiu headquarters, from Polk Street & Bush over Russian Hill, through Chinatown to North Beach, basically diagonally across the district, and looking in at shops and chatting with tourists, I realized my greatest fear this supervisor election: that people who don’t know the issues will vote for a name that they know, Alioto. He’s not a bad man, but I feel he’s out of touch.

I wrote up a comparison on all of the nominees, if you’re interested in the issues. Basically, David Chiu takes the bus, wants the plywood gone, and has a serious plan on crime (as an ex-prosecutor). His parents were working the phones when I stopped by, and they’re adorable.

p.s. my iPhone camera is on the fritz, but in a funky way

Mashups of Shepard Fairey’s "Hope" Poster

Check out this page of 84 parodies of Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster (original above left), taken from around the web. It’s pretty funny, overall; some are pro-Obama, others are not. Be warned: many are outright offensive — racist, sexist, what you will. This post is NOT an endorsement of the entire collection behind that link! However, several are worth saving. My favorites are the two above; other good ones are POPE, MIME, TYPE (which features Mavis Beacon) and perhaps best of all, CHOPE: Where Change Meets Hope.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a little chope this fall myself.

Code Pink Arrests Karl Rove


“Why is there no women up here? We need California women up here. I need to do a Citizen’s Arrest for Treason.” (from video)

“It happened in San Francisco today. At the annual convention of the Mortgage Bankers’ Assn., former White House guru Karl Rove debated the 2008 presidential election — and the current economic meltdown — with former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell. Up on the stage walks a well-dressed woman, name as yet unknown. First she complained that there was no woman on the panel. Then she drew out handcuffs and tried to arrest Rove for treason. She was quickly ushered off the stage” – thread, attribution, etc. on FriendFeed

Early Voting in SF

Annoyed with being on the West Coast and having our ballots counted after the election’s been called? You can vote early. From the SF County site


* Any voter may vote early by Absentee Ballot (voting by mail), or they may vote early in person.
Mail in your Absentee Ballot to the Department of Elections:
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett
San Francisco, CA. 94102 OR
Drop it off at the Department of Elections
Room 48, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett
(Ground Floor, City Hall) OR
Drop it off at a polling location before 8 p.m. on Election Day
To vote early in person:
Go to the Department of Elections beginning January 7, 2008:
Room 48, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett (City Hall, Ground Floor),
Monday – Friday– 8:00 am. to 5:00 pm.
Saturday & Sunday, Jan 26 & 27–10:00 am. to 4:00 pm. (enter from Grove Street only)
You don’t have to give a reason for voting early.
Any ballot that arrives at the Department of Elections after 8 p.m. on Election Day will not be counted.

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