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Nick’s Seashore Restaurant

Fish & Chips

We had been visiting up around the Strawberry area (101 and Seminary Dr.) yesterday. Coming back over the Golden Gate we kept commenting on how beautiful the city, the bay, and the ocean were. We decided to keep moving down the coast. By the time we found ourselves in Pacifica we were ready for lunch. We chose Nick’s at Rockaway Beach.

Ken had the Mixed Green Dinner Salad with Crab, and I had Fish & Chips. Our order came with a basket of tasty Garlic Bread. We were very pleased with our lunch and the service. Our waitress, Wanda, told us that in a few weeks the grey whales will be passing by, and we too will return.

Nick’s Seashore Restaurant
Open 7 days a week for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
Only 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco.
Located just off of Coast Highway 1 @ Rockaway Beach, Pacifica.
(605) 359-3900

Sea View at Nick's

Mission Street Food needs backers

A few days ago Mission Mission broke the news that Mission Street Food, the weekly happening where a chef takes over a crummy little Chinese takeout kitchen and produces a strange and wonderful gourmet meal, is getting its own place, to be called Commonwealth.

But it’s not all in place. They are looking for backers so they can buy kitchen equipment. Using the Kickstarter micro-granting site, you can donate a small amount which, combined with donations from hundreds of others, will fully equip their hearth. Plus, they promise to donate half of what they get through Kickstarter to charity after they’ve been open a year. Plus, the whole restuarant project is a non-profit charity-benefitting thing. You can’t go wrong.

Celebrate Thanksgiving like a native

The annual Indigenous Peoples Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz happens at, yes, sunrise on Thanksgiving. Boats ($14) leave Pier 33 beginning at 4:45 a.m. for the Rock, where attendees will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the occupation of Alcatraz by (what were then called) American Indians.

Recycling, in Berkeley

berkeley farms

From Foster’s Freeze on University. Note label: at least it’s Berkeley’s own Berkeley Farms milk!

Skylark Syrah

Robert of SkylarkThought I’d give a shoutout to some good news for my friend Robert, who I keep running into, as he got his wine mentioned in the SF Chronicle as one of the 100 and 91 points in Wine Spectator. Go Robert! And say hi- he’s the sommelier at Boulevard. Photo to the right is him serving Skylark at a No on Prop 8 fundraiser. The wine mentioned in the article is $35, “This Syrah from the Sonoma Coast is stylish and sizable, pepper-packed all through the palate, with focused blueberry and toast flavors.”

It’s an ill wind that doesn’t clear up a few reservations

A friend said to me tonight while we were walking past a popular Glen Park restaurant:

There have been all these shootings in Glen Park — maybe now I’ll be able to get a table at this place.

Everybody’s a critic

An article about San Francisco’s restaurant scene opens:

There’s nothing wrong with the restaurants in San Francisco except that so many of them serve pretty much the same Northern Cal-Mediterranean menu.

Yeah, that’s what the whole “eating local” thing is supposed to be about, dude. It’s a Northern California menu because this is Northern California. I wonder if he goes to Paris and then writes that the only thing wrong with Parisian restaurants is that they all serve French food.

Meanwhile, this isn’t SF-related, but is on the topic of restaurant criticism. Courtesy Girl Friday: A wine expert hoaxed Wine Spectator magazine into giving an non-existent restaurant its Award of Excellence. Pretty funny.

Three arrested in restaurant robbery spree

Oakland police think they have found the gang behind at least some of the rash of restaurant robberies that plagued the East Bay this summer.

Yesterday they arrested three people they say perpetrated three of the takeover-style heists, in which hoodie-wearing men enter restaurants at night, force employees and patrons into a back room, and clean out the cash register.

The Oakland residents were arrested Tuesday evening after they allegedly departed from their successful MO and knocked over a nail salon. Police were given a description of the getaway car, which they spotted, followed and stopped. Inside they found ski masks, guns and the money from the nail salon.

Among the arrestees was the getaway driver, a 20-year-old woman whom police said was the girlfriend of one of the bandits.

Contradicting Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums who said the string of robberies were a result of the poor economy, a police spokesman said “These aren’t guys who lost their jobs and got desperate… These are people who had access to guns and get off on the thrill of robbing people.” And the brother of one of the suspects commented:

He’s got no reason to be doing nothing like this. He’s not a drug addict, not in a bind, there’s no pressure situation. He was cool, man. He missed his calling: He should have been a basketball star. He’s an incredible basketball player. He don’t have no reason to be robbing no restaurants. That kind of (expletive) is serious and petty at the same time, you know?

Theater company’s benefit features ‘miracle fruit’

“Miracle fruit” — Synsepalum dulcificum to the degree-holding class — is a strange berry which has little taste of its own but which works to nullify and transform spicy, sour or bitter tastes, making them sweet. The New York Times had an article about it in May, with users saying it makes Tabasco sauce taste like sugar and lemon sorbet mixed with Guinness like a chocolate shake. Thus “the fruit of the poor lemon” becomes possible to eat.

Mugwumpin, the San Francisco theater company planning a trip to Cairo to a theater festival, will hold a fundraiser for the trip featuring the strange fruit on Saturday, Sep. 6 in Oakland. For more info, email

Another restaurant knocked over, despite attempts to rally residents

Despite efforts by community and business figures to rally Oakland residents to ignore a recent rash of takeover-style restaurant robberies and come out to eat, bandits last night hit another Oakland restuarant, forcing customers and staff into a back room, robbing them, then cleaning out the register.

Oakland residents, horrified that the crime wave hit upscale neighborhoods, demonstrated last night on yuppified College Ave. with candles and flashlights. The robbery took place several blocks west, on less yuppified Shattuck Ave. See a map on the Chronicle’s website of the summer crime spree.

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