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Creature feature on Giant scoreboard

Wish I’d been paying attention to this before it happened so I could have gone, but the account by Bob Calhoun on the Open Salon site of the showing of Night of the Living Dead on the scoreboard at AT&T Park last Friday is still totally worth reading. Check out the appearance of Judith O’Dea, the film’s dumb blonde, who was interviewed at the event.

after work ride

the Palace
Photos from a ride last night, enjoying a foggy, windy day in the Marina but calmer and sunny close to downtown. It’s a new perk to commuting- meet up with a friend, fit in a few miles of riding, and get dinner. The wind and fog were moving so fast, at one point, up Polk at Bay, I could see the fog travelling low to the ground.

The fog rolls in

San Jose Bike Party

Attended San Jose Bike Party last Friday:
San Jose Bike Party
Great attendance. I wrote a post on it, as did Wirehead, and others I’m sure. Organized by San Jose cyclists, it’s a “this is how we ride,” more tame version of group bike rides. Started, I was told, by a few guys who like to get together and ride, this event grew to 4K (at the second stop). I turned off at the first stop.
Yesterday at Zeitgeist I ran into a dozen or so chopper riders who were also at the ride. “We spun off for some beers,” one told me. Also ran into some other SF Metblogs emeritus writers, in San Jose. Seems like the thing to do, for cyclists. Comment below if you attended!

I circled the Bay basically on bike + public transit. Amtrak to San Jose ($15 from Emeryville), Caltrain ($7) to MUNI ($2) and then cycled back home to North Beach.


Summer fairs (the good ones)

zine_fest_09It’s deep summer, which means neighborhood street fairs — the usual long rows of booths with obscure nonprofit groups, greasy food, and crafts of questionable provenance, with a stage at either end cranking out music that is quickly swept off by the strong breeze.

Two events which should be different:

The Street Food Street Fest, which will happen Saturday from 11 to 7 on Folsom St. between 25th and 26th. Why there? It’s the block where you’ll find La Cocina Community Kitchen, a four year old nonprofit business that incubates community food-oriented businesses run largely by immigrant women. Among the food vendors will be Sabores del Sur and Laiola.

On Saturday and Sunday, visit the San Francisco Zine Fest from 11 to 6, at the Hall of Flowers (known also as the County Fair Building) off Lincoln Way and 9th Avenue in Golden Gate Park. Not just an exhibition, the event features panels of all kinds for DIY publishers, journalists and artists. Admission to the whole event is FREE.

Google still leaves much of southeast SF from Street View

Although San Francisco was one of the first cities to have Google’s camera-equipped cars tootling up and down its streets to produce Street View imagery, the service has never been very good for the southeast part of the city. With yesterday’s update to the service, several neighborhoods, including much of Bernal Heights and Visitacion Valley, still lack coverage. Here’s Bernal Heights:


As a Bernal Heights resident whose block is not covered, I have mixed feelings about being left out. Should I feel exclusive, or excluded? At least it’s an improvement over the original coverage which showed only half the city.

Click the image above for an image that shows the southeastern quadrant of the city, where coverage is lacking.

SF stops at Cesar Chavez?
Google maps now displays BART, Caltrain lines
Petition to have bike routes on Google maps
Fun with Google maps

Tobias Wolff to appear at Elliott’s ‘Adderall’ book launch

elliott-wolffFiction deity Tobias Wolff (1996 interview on Salon; 2008 profile at the Guardian [UK]) will join author, activist and blogger Stephen Elliott to celebrate the release of Elliott’s new “true crime memoir” The Adderall Diaries.

Admission to the party, which is at the Amnesia bar [map] on Thursday, Aug. 27 at 7:00 pm, is $20 and includes a hardcover of the book. Frequently-seen writer and presenter Bucky Sinister MC’s. Buy advance tix.

Picture: Wolff at left, Elliott at right. Elliott photo by Katherine Emery from LA Times

That cluck you hear

The urban chicken renaissance — an impressive phrase that just means that city people have begun in larger numbers to keep backyard chickens again — has come to Oakland foodies, according to an LA Times article about the Temescal District’s Pizzaiolo restaurant (map).

SFGate was on this trend in February. And in fact, if you search for “backyard chicken coops” in Google News, you’ll get dozens of articles from cities across the country. They’re doing it everywhere.

Like most trends, however, it probably started in the Mission District. A friend of mine on Shotwell has been keeping chickens — almost secretly at first, but now more openly as it becomes more widely accepted — for three years.

Salon lays off six staffers

San Francisco-based has laid off six staffers, according to Valleywag — that’s six out of 29 editorial positions, a 20.7% cut. Here’s hoping it doesn’t include my favorite Salon writer, Katharine Mieszkowski.

Update: Here’s an interesting look at Salon’s finances by David Weir, one of the original team that founded the webizine.

BREAKING: BART strike averted

BART management and union representatives announced just after 7 pm this evening that the BART strike that had been planned for midnight tonight has been called off.

A tentative agreement between BART and the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) has been reached that must be voted on by union members within a week or so. In the meantime, BART will run as normally scheduled this week.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, and others were present at the announcement.

Local coverage:
SF Gate
KCBS radio

“Garage” stores fill a neighborhood niche

This post on Mission Loc@l deserves to be read at the site and in its entirety: Open the Garage Door, It’s a Store.

Not only is the whole concept of garage stores cool, but the guy featured does it very much as a service to the nabe, selling brand-name soccer equipment to kids near cost. Totally the opposite of the globalized brand-filled big-box neighborhood-killing stores.

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