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Art opening this Friday April 20. Move 18 curated by Rich Jacobs

Cynthia Connolly of Dischord has an art opening tomorrow night.

From her note:

In case you are in San Francisco in the next month.. I have a visual and sound piece in the below exhibit. I am finally using sound that I recorded in Alabama alongside photographs taken there as well. The installation points out the historical political change that Perry County Alabama took at the last presidential election. Not only did they vote for Barack Obama, but the County Board voted to make the second Monday of November a County holiday for Barack Obama. The only way this decision can be changed is a 100% positive vote from the Senate and Congress and the Board of Perry County, Alabama. I need to point out that some people also observe , “Robert E Lee” day, in this county.

Details on the exhibit:

Where: San Francisco, California, (Richmond area) a group show curated by Rich Jacobs: “Move 18: Listen with your Eyes and Ears Wide Open, This Time”
When: March 20 – April 15, Opening Reception March 20th, 7-11pm.
Where: Park Life, 220 Clement Street,, 415-386-7275, hours: Noon-8PM Mon-Thurs, 11am – 9pm Fri & Sat, 11am – 7pm Sun

Signs of the Times: Happy Hour

So one thing I’m noticing in these cheaper times… happy hour deals.
3$ wine and hummus at cafe capriccio

In my little neighborhood, there are an abundance of $2 beers.
– Chameleon on Leavenworth & Pacific
– 901 Columbus at Lombard & Columbus (pre-dates recession)
– The Guinness deal at Kennedy’s (pre-dates recession)

New happy hour deals:
– Sapore on Lombard & Taylor
– Capriccio ($3 house wines) at Mason & Chestnut

Share your happy hour deals!

Dumpster of Pot up in smoke

Recently tweeted by @emergency_in_sf


If you have details, I’m sure some of our readers would love this location.

Just another SF sex cult

Courtesy Salon’s Broadsheet blog, I caught this NYT story on a cultish Folsom Street community, One Taste, in which fully clothed men daily get women off before breakfast. Not to be confused with the Center for Sex and Culture’s Masturbate-a-thon (it’s not til May 2).

Justin Juul of the SF Bay Guardian reported on One Taste last month, making it sound like the worst hell imaginable. “We spent the rest of the afternoon doing one-on-one vulnerability exercises,” is only one sentence from the sad tale. I was reminded of the legendary men-only workshops taught in the 1990s by a well-known San Francisco performance artist, who made his naked attendees stand in a circle with their dicks tied together with string to demonstrate their interdependence. Scissors were not permitted in the room, alas.

Former Rocky staff to launch pay news website — could SFGate follow?

As the Seattle Post-Intelligencer prepared for its last run on paper, former staffers at Denver’s just-closed newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News, announced today their intention to start a new online news site for Denver and charge $4.99 for it. They’ll try to get 50,000 monthly subscribers. Could that be a way forward for the San Francisco Chronicle and its popular online presence, SFGate?

Some interesting data points: both Seattle and Denver already have surviving other papers, the Seattle Times and the Denver Post. So their (former?) competitors’ online sites still have to compete, not only with the other papers’ online sites but with their surviving (for now) print editions. But in San Francisco, neither the Chronicle nor SFGate has an equivalent competitor. So if the print Chronicle goes away and it survives as an online paper, it would be the only big-league journalistic operation of its size, influence and considerable reputation.

So would you pay $5 a month — or even more, considering everything’s more expensive in San Francisco — for SFGate?

I would.

‘Breathers’ author to appear at Writers with Drinks

S.G. Browne

S.G. Browne

The first novel by S.G. Browne, who lives in the Santa Cruz area but has attended a writer’s group in SF for years, is called Breathers: A Zombie’s lament. The comic take on the undead, who shamble around a small California town, attend Undead Anonymous meetings, and try to stay out of the grips of the SPCA, is also a romance, between the main character and a recently suicided young woman. It’s also a story of temptation, once the zombies find out that the secret to fighting decrepitude is to comsume, yes, the flesh of humans, or “breathers.”

The book, which is being released today, was recently sold to Fox Searchlight with Diablo Cody slated to produce. Browne appears Saturday at Writers With Drinks. I spoke to him by phone yesterday.

My interview after the jump

Cracking down on Shotwell Street

I posted before about the Shotwell Street Neighborhood Watch program in the Mission. Recently I was forwarded an email from Captain Tacchini of the Mission Police Station. I was very pleased to find out how much effort and resulting success they have had literally outside my door.

Greetings ,

I am sorry for the delay in my response to you, but I just returned from a
few days away. There is lots going on in your neighborhood from a police
perspective, all of it positive. We are concentrating on the prostitution,
traffic, drug, and gang issues with as many resources as we can muster.
Officers have made several good arrests in the surrounding area for street
robberies, narcotics, violent crimes and other offenses. In addition to
the many prostitution cases, we did a decoy operation yesterday in the area
where we utilize an undercover female officer. It worked very well and
resulted in several arrests. Over the past couple of days, arrests of
suspects for pimping and in possession of illegal weapons were made in the
area of 18th & Shotwell. There is more to discuss, but I prefer to do so
next week, so please bear with me.

Best Regards,

Captain Stephen Tacchini
Mission Police Station

Bay Area Businesses on Twitter

I was perusing the latest @sfmetblogs followers on Twitter and found some really interesting businesses and news sources that are active and interesting. Consider checking them out!

News and notes directly from the ABC7 newsroom in San Francisco.

Twittering great stuff to see and do “on the cheap” in the (not so cheap) San Francisco Bay Area.

Buns and Chou Chou are rabbits who host their own TV show: Rabbit Bites.

Because San Francisco’s Not Just for Rich People

CityofSF is a Twitter service to update people on current events and happenings in San Francisco

Curbed SF, the San Francisco nabe and real estate blog. We like architecture and planning, too.

More than just the best chocolate! Wine tasting, great food and fun shopping

I’m Amy @ ING Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. Sharing race updates, costume ideas, fun giveaways, etc.

Muni Diaries – a place to share and read rider tales

49ers Blogger for SB Nation

ODC is a groundbreaking contemporary arts institution with longstanding roots in SF and home to our Dance Company, ODC School/Rhythm & Motion & ODC Theater

San Francisco – News Feed

San Francisco Opera’s BRAVO! CLUB is a group of young adults, aged 21-40, dedicated to building a new audience for San Francisco Opera.

Covering businesses headquartered in San Francisco, Oakland, East Bay and Marin

Get breaking news alerts on the Bay Area’s biggest stories from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Guide to comedy in the San Francisco Bay Area

Follow me for all the freebies, cheap events, and funtastic events..from SF’s hit Shopping! The Musical..Now in its fourth hit year!

San José Metblogs is part of a worldwide network of city-specific blogs, where authors write stories about life in their city from a personal, local perspective

Tahoe Ski Feed

Have horse?

OK CorralThe obscurity never really dawned on me until now, but you can buy a saddle for a horse at OK Corral Western & Work Wear right smack in the middle of the Mission. Is there a stable nearby that I don’t know about?

Don’t get me wrong, I like fun surprises like this. I am genuinely curious as to how many saddles they sell, who buys them, and where the horses are that wear them.

Florida bookstore display has Obama fans enraged, but SFers yawned

According to the Washington Post, a bookstore window display in Coral Gables, Fl. has people outraged at the pairing of Obama books with one entitled “Monkeys.” But when Alexander Book Co. did something similar in January and SFist blogged about it, commenters yawned. “There reaches a point when pointing one’s finger and screaming ‘racism’ crosses the line into paranoia,” one wrote, while another said, “Only in overly sensitive San Francisco would something this obviously meaningless get any attention.” Hmm, maybe not.

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