SF from Utah & Prop 8

Bald Mtn. I was in Park City for a conference, and when talking to locals, they wanted me to know *right off* that they were against Prop 8, and pro-gay marriage. This is without me bringing it up. They found out I was San Franciscan, and then they asked if boycotting Utah was really going to happen, and then they went on about how they were having protests there, and that “The church gets into a lot of things it shouldn’t.” Anyways, interesting prospective.

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  1. Anna (sf_anna) on December 11th, 2008 @ 6:21 pm

    Also, the 5 or so people I talked to were all from Park City, the Sundace-film festival town, and historically non-LDS. Tourism in that town is hugely important and any kind of bad press that stems from LDS rubs them the wrong way.

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