North Beach/Chinatown Political CheatSheet

North Beach from Coit Tower Yikes there’s a lot of people running for the District 3 Seat. OK I’m going to create a little cheat-sheet, and update it as I get more information (as this will take forever to write). Feel free to add in comments corrections/additions. I picked out four major issues:

  • Crime: escalating homicides, and the ongoing Broadway Corridor issues.
  • Development: everyone’s abuzz with the plywood-ing of North Beach, and general development efforts (letting in chains, not letting in chains, spot zoning, etc.).
  • Transportation: The Central Freeway is coming! And, well, the usual suckiness of the 30-Stockton crowded scene on Grant St. any given day, and oh, the rudeness of drivers… cycling hostility, I could go on.
  • Rental Protection: Whether you’re for it or against it, it’s an expensive city and people get elbowed out- like our firemen & teachers, and rising rental rates mean less interesting mom & pop stores.

The chart reflects my notes made from the candidates’ web sites and not any other journalistic writeup, observations, conversations or gossip (that’s at the end!).

M. DeNunzio W. Pang D. Chiu
Crime MD: a priority, not top WP: unknown/low DC: former DA, high priority
Rental Protection MD: Important, as he’s into senior services WP: unknown/low DC: high priority & a plan
Development MD: Very strong, pro-development, though no plan WP: Lots of ideas, very important, lots of energy. DC: focus on small business & merchant corridors
Transportation MD: into transportation spending WP: unknown/low DC: cyclist & bus rider, high priority
L. Johnson J. Alioto C. Cheng T. Gantner
Crime LJ: foot patrols, after-school plan, SAFE. Top priority. JA: foot patrols. CC: n/a, active in homelessness (as assoc. with Crime) TG: foot patrols & meet weekly with Central Station
Rental Protection LJ: pro workforce-housing, not jus subsidized JA: unknown/low priority CC: active in community benefits TG: unknown/low priority
Development LJ: a priority, end to spot zoning, work with Planning dept. JA: incentives for new merchants. CC: focused on world trade relationships TG: a priority- active in Merchant Assoc.
Transportation LJ: unknown/not a priority JA: unknown/low priority. CC: Currently very active in RENEW SF and other transit committees TG: unknown/low priority

Candidate Sites:
Lynn Jefferson (LJ)
Wilma Pang (WP)
Joe Alioto, Jr. (JA)
Claudine Cheng (CC)
David Chiu (DC)
Tony Gantner (TG)
Mike DeNunzio (MD)

More reading:
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Opinion & Hearsay
So, I know someone who knows someone in the David Chiu campaign, and he sounds neat. I met Lynn at a fundraiser, and she was nice and eager to fix things. I walk by the Alioto headquarters every day. I haven’t really noticed my favorite shops endorsing one candidate or another. I’m mostly concerned, personally, with transportation and the plywood issue. I’m impressed with Connie’s Angel Island experience, that’s a really interesting bipartisan, historical and cultural level. Wilma has some energy and interest, and I like the global perspective that the Chinatown candidates have.

The issue with this race is that the 3 major areas- North Beach, Downtown & Chinatown – require someone who doesn’t have a real core bias, and can manage the peripheral, but also important areas- North Waterfront, Russian Hill & Telegraph Hill. If you get someone really entrenched with the residential communities like Lynn or Alioto, you miss out on the other areas- same with a Chinatown vote, as well as city-wide concerns (as transit is important across the city of course). So I looked at the more well-rounded candidates, that seem to target and address the issues that I’m mostly concerned with, and ended up with… drumroll please… David Chiu. Note: subject to change.

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  1. joey on September 25th, 2008 @ 2:23 am

    Anna: I’ve been following the District 3 race too and feel like voters have several good candidates to choose from. I tend to favor candidates who I believe have a track record of accomplishments for the district. That’s why I like David Chiu, Denise McCarthy, and Claudine Cheng. I like the breadth of these candidatess’ experiences and public service.

    But among these three candidates with strong records for District 3, I would rank David Chiu my #1 choice. He’s a progressive on rent protection endorsed by the Tenants Union. He’s pro-bike and pro-transit. But he takes sensible positions on crime – against decriminilizing prostitution, which some progressives are for; in favor of the Community Justice Center, which some progressives are against.

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