North Beach Block Threatened by ADA Suits

North Beach Chatting with XOX owner Jean-Marc Gorce about how all of the local shops are either closing up or feeling a serious pinch – he laid off 3 workers- because of a rash of ADA suits against them for non-compliance. Written up in June in the Chron, and covered on CBS (though not aired yet), it seems very sad. There’s a slanted step near his doorway that is in question, and he can’t provide a ramp as he can’t touch the sidewalk. North Beach Sushi across the street has the same issue. Their ramp is deemed too steep. I’ve seen the ADA racket threaten businesses in other towns, and they ended up closing. The owner has never gotten a formal complain from a wheelchair-bound person, except for this suit. Every business on the block has issues. It’s sad that we can’t get the city to help mom & pops get in compliance. Anyone from the handicapped community want to chime in on what’s going on? I welcome the viewpoint.

Interesting follow-up articles:
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  1. njudah on August 20th, 2008 @ 2:58 pm

    This is why I hate progressives so much now. They could really help local biz and help so that everyone wins, and these sleazeball lawyers would be out of business. But they don’t care, and I don’t see Aaron Peskin helping out, so once again everyone in SF leaves the hard working people high and dry.

  2. deano on August 26th, 2008 @ 3:15 pm

    I live in North Beach. The block in question is very definitely a Mom ‘n’ Pop business block. Perhaps it’s time to take a hard legal look at the serial suitor, a well-known plaintiff who seems to have a racket going here. It seems right to talk about RICO — anti-racketeering legislation. This is a shakedown and in no way promotes the disabled. If anything, it hurts everyone. Where is the North Beach Chamber of Commerce on this? Mr. Peskin?
    Being disabled isn’t a blank check on wheels. Sorry to offend, but I’d like to use the businesses in my neighborhood and not see them shaken down by this guy.

  3. San Francisco’s North Beach, curbed (pingback) on September 1st, 2008 @ 8:24 pm

    […] Many small businesses in the historic and much-visited neighborhood have been hit with ADA complaints, often from the law offices of famed serial ADA filer Thomas Frankovich. (Carol Lloyd, “Surreal estate: ADA accessibility lawsuits causing headaches for small business owners”, San Francisco Chronicle, Jun. 13). “I’ve seen the ADA racket threaten businesses in other towns, and they ended up closing. The owner [of a small chocolate shop that has now laid off three workers] has never gotten a formal complaint from a wheelchair-bound person, except for this suit.” (”SF_Anna”, “North Beach Block Threatened by ADA Suits”, MetBlogs, Aug. 20). […]

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