Travis Poh, Who/Where Are You?


With a shoulder that feels ripped apart courtesy of Chrome (that sounds very Valencia Corridor-esque), I’ve been looking for something to carry my items around SF in that won’t require Ibuprofin. That’s right: a backpack. No more shoulder bags; this time around, it’s an off-to-third grade two strap style. I noticed a heavy duty one from Freight Baggage at Freewheel, but the white would last about a week before I tried to leave for work with coffee before getting caught off guard by a stop sign.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time yesterday afternoon trying to track down Freight Baggage’s creator, Travis Poh. An online search for turned up one of those pages with a photo of a random lady and an offer to buy the URL. Uninterested in freight shipping quotes as well, I started asking strangers and messengers. “Oh yea,” one told me. “Travis. You can find him on Vallejo toward North Beach. By that cafe. Tell him Frank sent you.”

My fault for not getting enough information (or maybe the fact that it sounded a bit too much like a drug transaction). A Freight Baggage MySpace page says Mr. Poh is 100 years old–no big shock there. I was also told that he’s elusive and overworked. I could order one through a bike shop but it could take more than a month to arrive. Is it so wrong to want to end my search and find the maker in our seven-by-seven mile city?

All I want is a backpack, preferably in primary colors and within the range of my tax refund check. It doesn’t have to be big enough for me to fit in. You can stick that logo with a train car anywhere you want on it. But please, let’s end the search.

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  1. Jeremy Hatch (jhatch) on July 3rd, 2008 @ 8:48 am

    Welcome, Emily!

    So now all you have to do is hang around Trieste 24/7 until the guy comes in for coffee. :) I think you may have a long wait ahead of you for a bag from him, though…

    In the meantime — not to be a total schmuck and suggest something near-corporate and non-local, but anyway — for a good durable bag, you should consider Manhattan Portage. IMHO, they’re the best (mass-produced) bags around. I’ve been using my main one very hard for about three years (it has served as my entire luggage on a weekend trip) and the seams are still holding up like new.

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