SF General On Death Bed?

Hey! architecture & safety fans, look at those spanking new fire escapes in Dec 1956… possibly one of the last major revamps to aging SF General.

Reading the continuing saga of SF General Hospital one can only see euthanasia or perhaps the good ship privatization coming into port on the horizon…

Yesterday, Gavin “pumped on privatization, saddened by sunshine” Newsom sent his not entirely friendly pals on the Board of Supes a proposal to float an $887 million dollar public bond to facilitate construction of a refurbished General Hospital before the state’s fix the seismic stability or close it deadline of January 2013.

Even if the Supes could agree on it, then SF voters would have to approve it by a
two thirds margin
in November. Then I assume simple design issues, bids and construction for the estimated $ billion+ dollar project would have to begin fairly quickly and run miraculously smoothly even if we could get a moderate 2 year extension on the state’s deadline. (By the way, legally the bond can only pay for the construction, no equipment or furnishings… so we’ll need even more money to upgrade everything)

All this just sort of happens neatly in a row, or uh, the behemoth institution just gets shuttered, ( or perhaps “privatized”).

Anyone care to surmise that is the real plan anyway?

Lil Mike’s random rant rambles on after the jump…

With pals on the SF Redevelopment Agency throwing in the towel & basically trying to hand the actual redevelopment of Hunters Point over to Nancy Pelosi’s son and his corporate profit hungry partners at Lennar, is Gavin really just hedging a bet?

Why should the city trouble itself with the health care business when it can barely even handle the school & bus business, and long ago outsourced it’s federally mandated Hetch Hetchy public power operation to PG&E…

Looks like the city would rather run the civic center farmer’s market than assume the trouble of a reinvesting in a major life saving health care facility…

In March, the City’s Dept of Public Health ignored the cries of protestors, nurses and unions and handed over the duties of the City’s own Workers Compensation Clinic to outsourced health care providers from California Pacific Medical Center, Kaiser, and St. Francis. One of the reasons cited for the closure was that city run clinic didn’t rake as much money from the Worker’s Compensation fee scale as the privately run facilities.

The city has 5 other privately run “not for profit” hospitals besides SF General, and those seem to know how to milk the system better…

Ex. recently released statistics showed that federal & state tax breaks last year pumped some $70 million into California California Pacific Medical Center’s coffers, for providing services at it’s three campuses in San Francisco, but they spent only $5.2 million providing charity care.

Now that redefines “Keeping It Real” into just “

    Really Keeping It


Perhaps if the city can’t rake in dough, it is simply wise for a city to get out of the over exposure to liability of the health care business, for example, recently the city settled a $5 million medical malpractice claim related to a misdiagnosis at SF General.

Los Angeles County has lost several hospitals in the past few years, 6 in the first half of 2004 alone, and in 2007, the controversial shuttering of South Central’s Martin Luther King Jr Harbor Hospital. With most of the closures on the poorer sides of town, the county basically sends a “good luck in traffic!” wish for all those uninsured workers, aging diabetes sufferers & gunshot victims needing emergency care.

Can S.F be far behind ?

Anyone else have thoughts on this public health care boondoggle?

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