SFIFF Late Show: Big Man Japan

Big Man Japan

Tonight’s late show at the Kabuki is Big Man Japan. Here’s the synposis, by Rod Armstrong:

Things aren’t going so well for Mr. Daisato (cowriter/director Hitoshi Matsumoto), employee at the Department of Baddie Prevention. Speaking to a documentary film crew about his mundane life, he bemoans the estrangement of his wife and daughter, the increasing dementia of his formerly famous grandfather and the low ratings of his televised battles with baddies. See, our (super)hero is a sixth-generation member of the Dainipponjin (“The Great Japanese”), a rarefied breed who defend Japan from various villains scourging the land. Whether it’s saving the land from the stink clouds of Smelly Baddie or the dangerous projectile eyeball of Mean Look Baddie, it’s in Daisato’s job description. As his health starts to suffer from the high voltage exposure he needs to attain fighting stature, however, criticisms of his efforts increase. Locals blame him for destroying property and getting fat and throw rocks through his office window. So when a truly vicious bad guy hits Japan, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not Daisato will be up for the job. Director Matsumoto, a superstar comedian in his native land, showers Big Man Japan with color and verve, satirizing talking head–style documentaries, the omnipresence of sponsor placement and the ephemeral nature of popular culture along the way. Referencing Japanese monster movie classics while reveling in amusingly juvenile humor, and building to an unforgettable climax populated with numerous baddies and heroes, Matsumoto has created an immensely pleasurable, amusingly outrageous future cult classic.

The event is sponsored by Stella Artois, which means one very important thing: they start pouring free beer at 10:30.

The screening starts at 11:00; tickets are $12.50. Tickets are only available at the theater, so get yours early for the best chance at getting in!

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