Local view on tiger thing

flamingos We were sitting around the breakfast table- extended family of locals consisting of two sisters (who are moms), their kids, our parents- and reading the article on the Tiger Thing. Various responses:
– “It’s depressing even thinking of a tiger in the zoo. They need space. At the San Diego Zoo they have a huge pen, but it’s still not big enough. The tiger was pacing, pacing, pacing.”
– “Sad, zoo attendance is really going to be hit.”
– “That cat exhibit is old.”

I started going to the zoo quite a bit a few years ago. If you go around 4:30- right when those 3 kids went- it’s half off and you can do a quick tour. I enjoy seeing the variety of wildlife, the activities of the animals, and the giraffes are truly inspiring in their gracefulness and beauty.

I remember taking my niece, then around 4, to the cat house and her screaming at it, “Wake up kitty kitty!” You know- obnoxious in that cute kid way (really). I like the zoo- it’s a little depressing- but hoping its educational potential outshines the depressing factor.

Reading “Life of Pi” gives you a really different take on tigers- and I agree that they probably just shouldn’t be in zoos.

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