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outside brioche bakery 3 stories of note, 2 that are victims fighting back and one goes in the category of incredibly stupid criminals. From the Central Station, Captain Dudley’s email newsletter (I’m so lazy). Since it’s almost the end of Nanowrimo, give me a break! I have 5K words to write in 2 days, groan.

The stupid criminal first. Seems obvious that stealing a GPS system is not a good idea…

On 11/25/07 at 10:45 PM, on the 2200 block of North Point, Officers Matt
Sullivan and Jessie Ortiz were assigned to plain clothes duty for the
purpose of auto burglary abatement. The Officers responded to a report
of an auto burglary which had just occurred and spotted the three
suspects fleeing the area on bicycles. Two of the three suspects were
apprehended; one, after a foot chase which covered several blocks.
Property stolen in the burglary, including a GPS system, was recovered
and returned to the owner.

Victim fights back! You want my iPod? Come and get it…

On 11/20/07 at 6:30 PM, on Kearny near Clay, a male victim was walking
N/B on Kearny when he was approached from behind by two suspects. One
suspect placed an object against the victim’s back and said, “I got a
gun. Go in the alley and give me your iPod.” The victim was able to
punch the suspect and run away. Unfortunately, the victim was unable to
provide Officer Howard Chu with a description of either suspect.

Another victim-fights-back incident, this time a repeated crime, and the second victim manages to foil the muggers…

On 11/21/07 at 7:10 PM, on Clay near Front, Officers Stephen Hogan and

Charles Ng responded to meet with the victim of a robbery. The victim
was walking to a parking garage when he was surrounded by 3 or 4 male
suspects. One suspect grabbed the victim forcefully from behind and
demanded his wallet. The victim gave this suspect $20 and all the
suspects then fled on foot, W/B on Clay St. A short time later, at 7:35
PM, a similar robbery occurred. This victim was walking E/B on Pine St.
from Sansome when he noticed he was being followed by 3 men. At Pine &
Front, a suspect stepped in front of him and demanded his wallet. The
victim swung the bags he was carrying at the suspect and was able to run
away. Although he was chased a short distance by the three suspects, the
victim was able to escape unharmed. The primary suspect in these
incidents was described similarly by both victims: white male, 20-25
years old, 6’0″, 180 lbs., black shaggy hair, wearing a baseball cap and
beige jacket.

Thanks to those hard working souls over at the Central Precinct- sounds like Thanksgiving weekend was not fun.

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  1. this charming man (unregistered) on November 28th, 2007 @ 8:10 am

    7:35pm @ Pine & Sansome? 7:10pm @ Clay & Front? WTF is happening to this city? This is right downtown in early evening hours, not 3am in the Tenderloin. I know this sounds all crotchety old man "world is going to hell in a handbasket", but damn. I thought downtown was reasonably safe to walk at night.

  2. anna (unregistered) on November 28th, 2007 @ 12:01 pm

    Yeah the blotter was a lot longer than usual- but it’s a bit deceiving as they only list "crimes of note" not every crime, so it’s not a comprehensive list. May be that with the shopping season comes the mugging season, or with the early nights comes earlier "night activity" aka muggings.

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