Idle NY theater critic tries SF, finds our scene wanting

With the stagehands strike — not to be confused with the film and TV Writers Guild strike — darkening Broadway theaters, the drama critic for the NY Daily News flew out to SF to sample our theater scene. His verdict? It’s a joke.

San Francisco is a beautiful town. It has great bread, great fish, great salad bars. It also loves a good show. Every day, thousands of people walk to Pier 39 and watch mountains of sea lions sunning themselves in undulating gray piles. Don’t laugh. It’s fascinating. But if you prefer theater that involves human beings, San Francisco is selling this year what we saw in New York two years ago.

That’s not counting San Francisco’s world-class opera or the dance scene. He’s just talking about mainstream theater.

Looking at SFGate’s theater listings, it’s hard to agree. This weekend there’s everything from a musical spoof of Harry Potter to a Tennessee Williams play to Troy: The Gates of Hell, “Professor Mohammad Kowsar’s modernized view of Homer’s classic myth.”

SF Weekly‘s listings of theater events — over 65 events listed — include the Miss Trannyshack Pageant 2007 — now that’s theater — programs at Intersection for the Arts, and others. Still more plays in the Bay Guardian’s listings.

I think that guy from the Daily News would have been really happy if he’d gone to the Miss Trannyshack shindig.

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  1. sanfranvalues (unregistered) on November 17th, 2007 @ 5:44 pm

    SO then stay home. NY are so insecure, they always have to travel everywhere and compare it to how much better it is home. Perhaps they are lacking something themselvse

  2. anna (unregistered) on November 18th, 2007 @ 12:54 pm

    Really, why was he going to "mainstream theater"- and expecting anything good? I don’t even see good stuff 2 years after, when they’re from NY. What an odd criticism. It’s like "this day old Wonder bread isn’t good." It’s not gonna be good. It wasn’t good in the original.

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