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Welcome, SF!

After Stefan already sent some details about our stay, about Arse Elektronika, monochrom, whatever… here is my first blog post.

And it’s more than fitting:

Yesterday I met the guy who rendered the “Bit” in Disney’s “Tron”…

That’s what I call a San Francisco experience.


More soon!

A Viennese in San Francisco

On 29.09.2007, 20:40 wrote:

Hi guys! Welcome to San Francisco. This Saturday weather is about as good as it gets. Please write something about SF from your alien point of view!


What’s constituted so, only a pen can penetrate.
I got one here, let’s go!

When I was a little boy, my mother told me one day with tears in her eyes that the strongest man in the world, our national hero Arnold Schwarzenegger had to flee the country from the Russian tanks and went to America to become rich and successful. Left alone without a proper role model, we youngsters got brainwashed by Austria’s totalitarian Soviet puppet regime of Social Democrats, but blessedly – according to Professor Timothy Leary – the CIA provided us with information and sex and drugs and tekkno music, so we were able to liberate ourselves and to pave our way to the electronic frontier.

Despite repeated warnings of Dr. Richard Barbrook – “just like inventing cybernetics without Wiener, inventing Marxism without Marx had now become an ideological priority” – we choose to fully appropriate the Califonian Ideology, which means, according to Victor Pelevin, “establishing a non-contradictory unity of liberal values and revolutionary romanticism within the bounds of a sexually aroused conciousness.” In short terms, we are here not only to make critical art but also to learn from first-hand experience how to become sexy, rich and successful, too – just like our lost father.

Here in San Francisco we stay at a mixed flat share (both cyberpunks and post-cyberpunks) and, not surprisingly, we meet the same weird folks like everywere else in the world, e. g. V. Vale at Blixa Bargeld’s performance at the recombinant media labs yesterday. Later on the day we will join the Lovefest and see the afterparty’s bodypainting show done by our roommates, but first of all we have to get some breakfast and a few things done.

The hospitality of you local people is really amazing, everyone we’ve met within the last three days is so open-minded and helpful and last but not least, California girls are most beautiful groupies in the world – God bless America!

You *Will* Survive Folsom Weekend (And Your Ass Will Too)


You fall into one of three categories:

* You’ve raided Trader Joe’s, stocked up on beer and rented/torrented enough Galactica episodes to last through Monday.
* You managed to get a decent hotel, and remembered your collar and leash.
* All bets are off: you have a rubber cowboy suit complete with sidearm squirt guns filled with Astroglide.

If you’re not hunkering down and waiting for the leather storm to pass — estimated 400,000 visitors for the Folsom Street Fair and all its auxiliary events this weekend, here are a few more guides to help you navigate the lack of taxis, overpriced (but strong) SOMA and Castro drinks, and all the eye-popping bacchanalia you’ve ever hoped to see this side of the black-and-blue rainbow. The thing is, Folsom’s not the only event shutting down neighborhoods this weekend — there’s the Love Parade downtown Saturday, a bike ride across the Golden Gate (also Saturday), a mini-marathon closes off Embarcadero to Presidio Sunday, and North Beach is clogged for a fleet blessing Sunday, too. It’s enough to make a girl hang up her whips and give her puppies (you know, that kind) a rest — except Folsom is fun — and all entry fees go to a good cause or two, so enjoy — and dig these helpful guides:

* The basics: Gridskipper’s Folsom Street Fair Survival Guide
* SF Gate sez don’t even bother to drive, and lists all the nutty weekend SF events (with links!) and transit route sites (with links!)

Don’t miss the city-wide, boot-licking fun — or the chance to make sitting down a painful event (fond memories!) in your cube farm for the next week and a half:

* Folsom is Sunday — here’s a (Gmaps) map of the blocked off streets. Basically, it’s Folsom between 7th and 12th, and don’t even try to park by Rainbow General.
* All peripheral Folsom leather events are here — mostly for gay men.
* (Friday through) Sunday at noon in San Jose is Folsom Fringe, an smOdyssey all-gender/orientation speaker event and vendor faire, providing transportation Sunday to and from Folsom.
* Saturday is an open dungeon play party at The Citadel, “This Shit Will Fuck You Up”.
* Perverts Put Out: Folsom Edition is also Saturday night — a lit-geek-pervy event not to be missed if you’re in town for the weekend. Highly recommended especially for the presence of Daphne Gottleib, Thomas Roche, Steven Schwartz, horehound stillpoint, and emcees Carol Queen and Simon Sheppard.
* Ultimate event, Saturday night: The Folsom Eve Ball (NSFW link; mmm, galleries) is at‘s Porn Palace. Need I say more?

Do shop locally for world-renowned sex gear at the freshly stocked Good Vibrations locations, Madame S, Mr. S, Stompers Boots, Stormy Leather, Dark Garden, Dollhouse Bettie and (for the true pervs), the SOMA Bed Bath and Beyond.

Arse Elektronika 2007: pr0nnovation?


Hi all, Johannes Grenzfurthner and me arrived here in San Francisco two days ago – we’re Metrobloggers from Vienna/Austria and we are currently preparing Arse Elektronika 2007: pr0nnovation?, a pornography and technology conference at’s porn palace. Unforunatly we are not able to monitor our own media coverage, because right now we are surfing from a Kinko’s copy shop and they block half of the reviews, e.g. the article on Adult Video News.
At least we are glad being able to read the Laughing Squid blog entry.

Blog to you soon.

From left to right: Johannes Grenzfurthner, Stefan Lutschinger, David Fine.

Kearny St. Workshop Festival: Apature 7

apatureLast night I saw a few film shorts from Kearny St. Workshop’s Annual Festival: Apature 9. It’s not misspelled, it’s for Asian, Pacific Americans (APA). PIctured are the actors and filmmakers of the dozen or so shorts we saw, along with the featured artist, emmy-award winning Emiko Amori. She’s done documentaries on Tattooing and her family’s internment history, and currently is premiering in Mill Valley, the Technology of Orgasm. Needless to say it looks great.

If you can, catch the last two days of the festival tonight and tomorrow. Tonight is stand-up at Make-Out Room. Tomorrow, Comic Zine Expo at Kearny St. location, 180 Capp St. , 12-6pm. Sat. night is the festival close party, at their Capp st. location. I was really entertained & impressed with the quality of works at the film shorts- so it all looks good. More info at their site: Kearny

Friday: Almost Every Block Is Block Rockin’

The rock is thick throughout this town Friday night, and I fear there are so many shows going on as usual, that damn if I’ll make it to 1/3rd of the ones I want to drop in on…

Here’s one I will definitely make…if just to see the inside an actual Elks Lodge...


Bawdy garage band The Poontones are a spurious retro rock combo comprised of pals like bassist / analog studio maven Kevin Ink, guitarist/songwriter/bartender dude Bone Cootes, Stinky Le Pew formerly of the late great Buck Naked & The Bar Bottom Boys, and on skins is former Tales of Terror/Pearl Harbour and Naysayers drummer Mike Hunter. They are playing a free event with saw enabled folky mountain man roots rockers Old Hangtown @ SF’s very own Elks Lodge within the Kensington Park Hotel.

The San Francisco Elks Lodge #3 itself dates back to 1873 when local actors and entertainers decided to organize an Elks Lodge, and inculcate the principles of Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity. Now numbering over 2000 lodges coast to coast, the Elks remain humbly behind the scenes doing charitable work such as donating the first veterans’ hospital to the government. Join them at their classic 3rd floor home since 1925, The Lodge at Union Square, replete with circular bar featuring an enormous Elk etched mirror, smoking balconies overlooking Post St and the Elks’ Grand Ballroom, where dinner is served every Friday night. Be sure to stay for the 11 o’clock toast, which you can join in on with yer $2 vending machine purchased beer :

The Elks 11 O’Clock Toast

You have heard the tolling of 11 strokes.
This is to remind you that with Elks, the hour of 11 has a tender significance.
Wherever Elks may roam, whatever their lot in life may be, when this hour tolls upon the dial of night, the great heart of Elkdom swells and throbs.
It is the golden hour of recollection, the homecoming of those who wander, the mystic roll call of those who will come no more.
Living or dead, an Elk is never forgotten, never forsaken.
Morning and noon may pass him by, the light of day sink heedlessly in the West, but ere the shadows of midnight shall fall, the chimes of memory will be pealing forth the friendly message,
“To our absent members.”

After the jump there are many more live lineups in the battle for mutant musical mindshare as the weekend starts up this Friday’s frenzied recreationally rawkin’ pace…

Liveblogging Bonds’ last home game

Barry Bonds in left field at AT&T Park, 26 Sep 2007
Live from AT&T Park, San Francisco:
9:50 pm: The Giants — the lineup full of scrubs and callups by the 9th inning — managed to put another run across, and the fans who remained — and why not remain, it was still a beautiful warm night — were starting to make noise. I even saw a few rally caps. But the veterans quickly restored a sense of reality to the proceedings. With two on, no out and a run in, Pedro Feliz struck out swinging at the worst pitch I ever saw, and then Ray Durham grounded into a double play to end the game.

Then the final scoreboard tribute to Bonds — with the honoree nowhere near the field — took place: a montage of Greatest Hits set to the tune of Frank Sinatra singing “My Way.” I thought I heard him singing “I’ve already changed out of my uniform, and I’m… on… the… highway.”

(For another view of the evening see this excellent SJ Mercury News piece by Andrew Baggarly.

2 Open Letters: Person Who Found/Stole My Wallet, and Postperson Who Addresses Packages

matryoshka (nested russian dolls) wallet Dear Person Who Found/Stole My Wallet,
I was amazed and delighted to open the letter package and find my little homemade wallet pictured here, and so you saved me a tedious trip to the DMV web site to re-order a new license. An errand that I was strangely looking forward to in an effort to improve my photo like Family Ties’ Mallory. The downer was that you took my MUNI pass and cash. Do you think that it was the just reward, 6 days of joyriding cable cars? So it’s a mixed feeling. Glad I have it, but I think you’re greedy. Especially since it’s about two weeks since I lost it and I’m pretty resigned to the fact that it’s gone. WellsFargo is faster than you + postal service in getting me my bank cards.
With mixed regards,

A Giant Sucking Sound: Say Buh-Bye

bondsmooninite_75.jpgThe Giants bullpen blew a two-run lead Tuesday night, victimizing hard-luck starter Matt Cain once again and giving the slumping Padres — who had lost five straight and almost given up the wild card lead — reason to hope.

Of course, the Giants still had their at-bats in the 9th inning, and since it had already been firmly announced that Barry Bonds would be in the starting lineup the next night in his last home game ever as a Giant, you might think he would be available to pinch-hit. With one out and one on, he would have been the tying run at the plate.

But Bonds, who had earlier been seen pacing in the dugout and playfully taking over a TV cameraman’s post at one point, was not available for a pinch-hit role in the 9th inning. Why? Because he had already changed out of his uniform. As reported after the game by KNBR, Bonds was already in his street clothes as the Giants folded in the 9th.

But he will start tomorrow. And he’ll probably say he’s doing it for the fans. He couldn’t possibly care about his teammates.

SF Examiner horks local photogs snaps

Chicken John's Warehouse

Photo by Scott Beale.

Scott Beale, who is a good friend of Metblogs has had an image stolen outright by the SF Examiner.

Another week and another one of my photos was used without permission or attribution. This time it is the The San Francisco Examiner with an article by Joshua Sabatini about Chicken John’s campaign for mayor. They used a photo I shot of Chicken John and his dog Dammit, but did not ask about using the photo or even provide a photo credit, but instead just listed the words “Courtesy photo” (does anybody know what that means?). The photo is licensed under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works). The photo was used in both the print and online versions of the Tuesday, September 25th issue.

It’s a really nasty trend for the local SF and tech media to take images off Flickr and use them sans attribution. I personally stopped posting my photos after several of these same thefts happened to me but since Scott is such a great guy he keeps plowing on and fighting the good fight. Shame on the Examiner.

Read the full story over on Laughing Squid.

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