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Top Ten Bay Area Hotels for Sex


Local site 71 Miles is something I’ve found to be a great source for local travel, especially those looking for a place to stay for weekend getaways. The local version of 71 Miles has just posted their list of Top Ten Hotels for Two (for sex), specifically naming their ten favorite Bay Area weekend getaway lodgings for couples who want to get it on in a nice place. Disclaimer: I know and adore both John and Adam (editor; founder) so I know their picks are going to be both sex-positive and with a mind on LGBT tolerance. Commenters are only adding more suggested destinations to the post. Yay 71 Miles!

Anyone know or love a San Francisco hotel they think is the best for sex? Leave suggestions in the comments here, please!

CNN reports to feature SF’s anti-fundie protests

Photo by Ellen DeWitt (c) All rights reserved. Used by permission
Flickr photo by Ellen DeWitt. Used by permission

Remember the Christian fundamentalist pep rally at AT&T Park in March this year? Local groups, including members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, protested their intolerance (pictures on Flickr here and here).

Now CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour will present, all week, a series of reports on religious fundamentalism including footage of those protests.

SF authors rampant

A nice big profile of “Tales of the City” author Armistead Maupin in Sunday’s NYT takes readers on a tour of the books’ real and imaginary locations.

Kim Addonizio, whose poetry garnered a National Book Award nomination a few years ago, has just published her second novel, My Dreams Out In the Street. The Chronicle reviewed it a couple weeks ago, and she reads Monday at Book Passage in Corte Madera.

Randy Shaw’s Tenderloin Housing Clinic retaliates against blogger

You may recall earlier this month, a post I made concerning a blogger who was documenting the mismanagement & egregious activities at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s marquee property, The Seneca Hotel on 6th St.

Well, after I posted links to many of the blogger’s videos, I was contacted by an on air personality at Quake Radio 960 AM who wanted to find out more about the allegations and blogger Jeff went on air with his tales of woe about since the Tenderloin Housing Clinic had taken over the building he has lived in for years. Two days later he was told he was in violation of the building’s policies, and threatened with eviction if he would not stop documenting the conditions.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the so called “supportive housing” environment at the Seneca is a project run via the gov’t & grant sponsored non-profit Tenderloin Housing Clinic, a group headed by longtime local housing “activist” Randy Shaw. Apparently Shaw’s skin is thinner than the walls at the Seneca, and the staff have begun retaliatory proceedings against a longterm 15 year tenant at the Seneca, ironically one who isn’t drunk in the doorway, shooting crank, smoking crack, or sucking off the city’s multimillion dollar social services teat.

more on this media morass after the jump

Muni mows down another pedistrian in the Richmond

After killing an 83-year-old woman on Tuesday, Muni bagged another pedestrian in the Richmond district this morning — a 40-year-old woman who was hospitalized after being struck at 22nd and California.

Look alive when you see one of those diesel buses coming.

Art parties for young smarties

I was driving up 26th St. on my way to get a taco and passed by Southern Exposure Gallery on the corner of 26th and Mission, where they have been occupying the storefront of a former flower shop for several months after moving out of their longtime home at Project Artaud. As I stopped at the light I noticed the space was full of busy artsy types all occupied in some kind of handicraft project. Checking their website this morning, I see it was a “wrapping party” for a periodic publication of theirs, The Thing, this edition edited by the darling of the independent film/performance art scene, Miranda July.

There are no Flickr photos of the event posted yet, suggesting that the people attending the party were so cool that none of them deigned — or dared — to document it. But I’ll post a link once someone breaks and posts some.

Understatements and Artistic Statements

Yelp!, the popular ratings site which allows lonely people to review just about anything and gives them kudos for quantity of their hyper critical drivel, has recently discovered ART.

Godess knows how local creative types will benefit from the chitter chatter no doubt instantly generated & uploaded after Thursday nights “elite” style Yelp! event. The opening & auction entitled “Collective: Yelpers™ Reflections on City Life & Community” features a performance from Uni & Her Ukulele and takes place at a small gallery space next to the Hemlock on Polk St.

Yelp’s official claim is that the art show demonstrates

“how the Yelp community is a group of passionate locals that are not only eager to express their opinions on city life in business reviews, but through art as well. The Collective highlights the SF Yelp community, in particular, and its relationship with art and city life. ”

Hey maybe some of that venture Yelp-ital they are flush with will mean lotsa free drinks… for the uh, community spirit and all.

I’m imagining learning something later by reading from the collective wisdom of Yelp! like

“The Sake-tinis were great, but my friend Megan said the mini hors d’oeuvre tacos were cold, and when they ran out, some lady who claimed she was a painter or something would not go get anymore from the back room. I would have bought one of those bizarre paintings or weird black & white photos they’d hung up but they wouldn’t match any of the totally cute home furnishings I just bought at Artesanias on Greenwich, or my new kitschy retro lamp from Past Perfect on Union, both of which I reviewed last month when I was shopping with my friend Megan!! As you know, Megan totally knows how to shop !! Anyway Megan and I ditched the opening when some icky arty guy started talking to us, and we decided to got across the street to Lush because the bartender is the total bomb!”

details on Yelp’s foray into the art world at

But if one wants to talk about the world of cold brute artistic merit…

The SF Chronicle’s dramatic understatement of the year so far might have to go to the quote: “Some of those at the party apparently were drinking, authorities said. ” .

What local performance art spectacle warranted such a critique?

read on…

Princess & Pedro in Union Sq

The Independent Film Channel and some other sponsors began co-presenting a free film fest last night on a 40′ x 20′ inflatable air screen in Union Sq. Outdoor flicks continue to run tonight & tomorrow, the eve of the 16th. Local indie filmmakers are invited to submit works to the MediaLab, and anyone can enter for a chance to win an HD video camera. IFC are also taking donations of kids suitable DVDs for use in the pediatric ward at SF General. Those curious, or just walking by, can check out the films beginning at dusk, following a variety of pre-show hub bub, including musical entertainment.

Rumor has it that tonight’s feature is family friendly SF fave The Princess Bride and tomorrow Napoleon Dynamite…

Additional information may be found at:

Fuck RSS, I Went To The Crime Scene

No offense meant to fellow bloggers reposting MSM SF Gate content — but the helicopters got me out of the house and a couple blocks down the street (and through and around the haphazard the ‘fire scene do not cross’ tape). The blaze being reported in teh Chronic suggestively as related to pot smoking, well, here’s a citizen media take:

I got there when all umptymillion fire trucks were still dumping water on the ground and firefighters were making the finger-across-the-throat gesture to each other, which I interpreted as the fire being (literally) toast. I wandered around the lines shooting pics, then chatted with citizens, the corner store owner, and rescue personnel. From the corner store owner I learned that the fire had burned for a frightening (to him) 30-45 minutes before the SFFD could put it out — the fire was in an attic behind apartments, those older buildings behind newer apartment add-on buildings. The corner store guy said officials were coming in to use the phone, etc., and that (at 7:30pm) they still didn’t know how the fire started.

I chatted with local residents and ambulance personnel — the conclusion was in one worker’s words, “likely arson, under investigation”.

Lots of helicopters for a fire, but I was glad to see so much professional, and such a citizen friendly response. Awful to see neighborhood people displaced. Majeztic (photo via) took *incredible* photos — do not miss — way better than mine (which I didn’t even bother to upload).

420 Fire

Article in the Chron that I got via RSS- initially reported this address, 420 Noe, as Noe Valley, then corrected to Eureka Valley. We’re all still thinking it’s more Castro. Sad for those without a home. In the article, though, sadly, complaining of pot-smoking at 420 Noe (chuckle chuckle). This is quoted from the original uncorrected feed:

Firefighters battle three-alarm blaze in SF

By Rob Selna

A three-alarm blaze tore through an occupied three-story apartment building in the Noe Valley tonight, injuring several people, authorities said. The fire at 420 Noe Street near 17th Street was called in at 6:28 p.m. When firefighters arrived, several…


Coreas said that for more than two years she has complained to the owner of the building that some people had been smoking pot inside the building. She said the owner ignored her complaints.

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