Weird THC just got Weirder

THC in this case refers not to a popular potent herbal compound, but to Tenderloin Housing Clinic, one of the city’s largest “non-profit” housing providers, who claim to have spent 27 years, ( and millions of tax dollars) “Improving Tenants’ Lives”. If you’ve ever been in one of their wonderful buildings, you might just wonder what the THC are smoking.

You may recall a couple posts I made here earlier this month, in which we detailed the experiences of tenant Jeff Webb, who began documenting the strange goings on, threats & violence in his “supportive” environs run by the taxpayer funded THC. Turns out his SRO hotel isn’t the only one out of the 15 run by the THC to have some suspect management practices. Jeff reports today that the “Weird Just Got Weirder…”

The Mission Hotel’s longtime, but now fired manager, had alleged links to the violent Norteno gang, and has been accused of assaulting, threatening, extorting, stalking and harassing not only tenants but THC employees. He has had a restraining order placed against him by none other than Randy Shaw’s own Tenderloin Housing Clinic, the same organization that vetted and hired this guy for a management position overseeing 248 units several years ago.

According to Jeff, who has posted the legal documents on his website:

Carlos Hernandez (aka Carlos Mendoza-Hernandez), former manager of the Mission Hotel recently fired by Tenderloin Housing Clinic is reputed to be a Norteno gang member. This was alleged in a Temporary Restraining Order filed last Thursday, August 23, 2007

more info at Jeff’s blog after linked after the jump…

One of the city’s fastest growing property management companies, (since 1999 THC have gone from one hotel to 15 properties and some 189 full time staffers) the THC act as service providing middlemen who take state & city benefit checks and automatically deduct rent and “manage” the money for hundreds of their indigent tenants. This is Gavin’s “Care Not Cash” program in it’s essence, where landlords get the cash, and the formerly homeless get housing and some score jobs running hotels, while perhaps even moving on to stalking, extorting, abusing or assaulting the other formerly homeless.

Signing the restraining order documents against it’s former employee on behalf of the THC was longtime staff attorney Raquel Fox, a resident of Menlo Park, who likely doesn’t have to nightly wade through the Mission gang scene, or the welfare hotel halls to get home each night. Also signing the document was longtime “support services” coordinator for THC Melissa Blizzard, who has gone on record as saying that she feels the optimum number of SRO tenants “would be between 35 and 40”. The building that the alleged gang member was a manager in has almost 250 units, so much for the “optimum”, better just keep those checks coming.

The going gets tougher before it gets better folks, and the residents of one Mission District SRO Hotel are likely well aware just how tough it can get, especially if you live under the auspices of the “supportive housing” providers known as Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

Click to visit Jeff’s blog to read documents & see videos of life in and around the Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s marquee property the Seneca Hotel on 6th St…

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